End of Year Countdown…

Life is all about setbacks. A life lived without disappointment is a life lived in a cocoon. People have recovered from far worse setbacks. 

Tony Clark

When life disappoints – when it batters and bruises us; when we batter and bruise ourselves – God places us in the shadow of his hand to quiet, succor, and strengthen us. 

Judith Couchman, The Shadow of His Hand

You need to know the BIBLE for yourself, so when trials, difficulties and setbacks come, the Holy Spirit can remind you of what GOD said in His word, which will give you hope until GOD changes things in your situation.

Brenda Diann Johnson

A Strange New World!

It is November 2020.

We have only one full month left, before the end of this year. For most of us, if not all, it has probably been the worse year experienced in a long time.

Businessman, Newspaper, Read, World, Change, Corona

We have not been able to conduct our lives as normal, or as we planned, or desired. We have had to comply with extreme measures in order to safeguard ourselves, our loved ones and those with whom we come into contact. We have not been able to meet up with many of our loved ones, or gather with other saints in fellowship.

Quarantine, Coronavirus, Home Office, Clean Your Phone

Practically all semblance of life has had to be conducted online. We’ve been forced to keep our virtual distance. And as the end of the year fast approaches, and a brand new year is about to herald itself, we could be forgiven for feeling pessimistic about it.

Politics of Hope

Normally a new year is met with positivity. Normally a brand new year offers promise. Normally a brand new year stirs hope. Do you have hope? I mean the God-kind of hope of course!

Biblical hope is described as an anchor for our soul (our mind, will and emotions). So if you said “yes” and if you were to examine and explain to me your basis for hope, which kind would you mean?

Would it be the kind of hope placed in a lucky charm with an expectation (fingers crossed), that things might go well? Or is it an “In God I trust” kind of hope, founded upon an unwavering belief in the scriptures, in his promises?

Kings and kingdoms may fail. The economy may crash. Life may become topsy-turvy but God remains the same. His promises are unchanging. All those things which perturb us now, have already been factored-in by him. Remember, He is omniscient and He is able to cause ALL things to work together for our good!

The economy may crash. Life may become topsy-turvy but God remains the same. His promises are unchanging.

Beyond the Horizon

Rainbow, Colorful, Prism, Chromatic, Hope, Joy, Clouds

So what things are you struggling with? What things stand in the way of your dreams and plans? What things do you feel are impossible? God is able to intervene and combine all these things into something that work towards your good. Now, when I say “good”, I mean for the benefit of your well-being, I mean in your best interests, in your favour and I mean, according to God’s pre-determined purpose!

So you have a choice whether you are going to believe God’s Word, or believe the contrary evidence of your eyes, or the circumstances of your life, which are as changeable as the weather, as temporary as yesterday’s news. God is good ALL the time. God is faithful ALL the time. And God loves you ALWAYS!

God is good ALL the time. God is faithful ALL the time. And God loves you ALWAYS!

Comatose, or On Your Toes?

The Enemy would love for you to relinquish your faith. To feel disappointed and defeated. To murmur and complain. To give up. He wants you to back away from your commitment to Christ. He wants you to become frustrated and fed-up and even declare that God’s Word does not work, God’s ways are too hard, God’s existence, is not real.

But Satan is a liar! Don’t fall into his trap. Don’t become one of his fatal victims of prey. Remember the Bible describes him as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour!

Resist him. Resist his lies and false accusations. Resist your negative feelings. Feed your faith. Starve your doubts of the oxygen of unbelief. Turn off that monitor of scepticism which keeps them alive. Resuscitate your faith and confidence in God.

He loves you, has planned your future and is well able to bring you out from your wilderness of fear and confusion. He walks with you during your valley experiences.

Adventure, Climbing, Hiking, Sport, Woman, Mountain

Determine to climb the mountain of spiritual strength and integrity, and breathe the fresh reviving air of resilience and commitment. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might and remember, those who know their God, who have and maintain an intimate connection with him, will be strong and they shall do exploits for him.

Purpose-driven believers and dream-achievers, keep walking in the narrow path of creative good works, which God has pre-planned for you to walk in.

With agapē love and best wishes,

Carol (aka Lady Cee)

Author of: Petitions From My Heart

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4 thoughts on “End of Year Countdown…

  1. Sherileen Lambert 16/11/2020 — 11:31 pm

    Hi Aunty C,

    Your recent blog is so encouraging and powerful. Great to read something positive! Great writing aunty. 💯Keep inspiring👍🏾


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Sherileen,
      Nice to see you visiting again. 🙂
      Thanks for your encouraging comment. I appreciate it and am glad you found my post positive and inspiring.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Enjoyed reading your blog posts. Keep writing and inspiring while remaining safe.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much Tangie for reading and leaving me your encouragement, which is most appreciated. And thank you for your concern. 😃

    Liked by 1 person

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