Blogging University

Hi all,

As a newbie blogger, I thought it would be wise to get some training and advice from experts, so enrolled on this free WordPress course for beginners.

As well as learning the ropes, I’m hoping to arouse greater interest in this site and attract more readers and followers.  I’ve therefore added this new category, so that I can keep the course assignments separate from my general blog posts. This page is by way of explanation as to why the category exists, what it’s all about and why you might see posts that differ from the usual. I hope nevertheless that you will enjoy reading and will encourage me with your comments.

Even though it might seem like a departure from the main purpose of this blog, I believe life-learning and personal-development are in keeping with my aims as a purpose-driven achiever. I also believe this new category will bring another dimension of interest to the site and hopefully extend my reach to a broader audience.

Many thanks for your time and support.

(November 2015)

4 thoughts on “Blogging University

  1. This is a BEAUTIFUL theme! Very nice start.

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    1. Thank you @Debbie L. I’m encouraged to hear that because I was wondering whether it was in keeping with my blog’s message. Nice to get a ‘fresh eyes’ perspective on it.

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      1. It is so lovely!

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      2. You are such an encourager. Thank you. Am going to bed now as a really happy bunny! 🙂

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