Leave Your Comfort Zone!


Hi Friends and Followers,

I came across this poem and thought I’d share it with you all, because as purpose-driven believers and dream achievers, we often need a boost or a boot up the backside, depending upon where we are on our journey in life.

I became aware of this poem through the UCB devotional Word For Today* (January 2017), written by Bob and Debbie Gass.

The author of this work is apparently unknown.

I hope it challenges and motivates you.


*Free postal copies of UCB Word For Today (UK and Republic of Ireland only) are available from: FREEPOST RLTX-ABUL-GRAR, United Christian Broadcasters, Westport Road, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 4JF

Click here for the online version.



I used to have a comfort zone

Where I knew I couldn’t fail;

The same four walls of busy work

Were really more like jail.


I longed so much to do the things

I’d never done before,

But stayed inside my comfort zone

And paced the same old floor.


I said it didn’t matter

That I wasn’t doing much;

I said I didn’t care for things

Like dreams and goals and such.


I claimed to be so busy

With the things inside my zone,

But deep inside, I longed

For something special of my own.


I couldn’t let my life go by

Just watching others win;

I held my breath and stepped outside

And let the change begin.


I took a step, and with new strength

I’d never felt before,

I kissed my comfort zone goodbye,

Then closed and locked the door.


If you are in a comfort zone,

Afraid to venture out,

Remember that all winners were

At one time filled with doubt.




Dear friends, are you trapped within your comfort zone? Why not make a decision and take steps this week, this day, even this hour, to break free?

Have a blessed weekend!


Best wishes,

Carol (aka Lady Cee)

“…If you love what you are doing, you will be successful” – Albert Schweitzer



CREDIT: the above CC0 image comes courtesy of Nicola Giordano at Pixabay.com



19 thoughts on “Leave Your Comfort Zone!

  1. Such a wonderful & thought-provoking post! I really loved the consistency of the rhyme. 😍 Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for reading Sidharth and leaving your comment in response. Will certainly pop by soon.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for respecting my request, please feel free to explore any of my writings whenever you feel like. 😀

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      2. Well I did try to visit but there appears to be a problem with your site.


      3. Oh that’s weird, please try to visit my blog through this link http://www.writingrhymes.wordpress.com hopefully it will work then


      4. Thank you for your readership and support. 🙏😊

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  2. This resonates…
    A line from a song. credit to Bob Segar…
    He wants his home and security….
    He wants to live like a sailor at sea…
    Beautiful Loser

    Great post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. So glad you enjoyed reading it.


  3. Been leaving mine ALLL week and it’s truly been an incredible week.

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    1. Great to hear from you Shell Vera. Pleased to hear your report. Thanks for reading and leaving your comment.

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  4. This is so beautiful. I especially loved the last two lines of the poem “Remember that all winners were, At one time filled with doubt.” That’s just so powerful. Thank you for sharing this poem. Great post. ❤


  5. Thank you Hafseena. It is beautiful – and challenging! I appreciate you stopping by to share your response to this poem.


  6. Oh I love this so much !!! 💕 VERY MOTIVATIONAL!! thanks so much for sharing !!



  7. Hello Jessierenea,

    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed reading and thank you for sharing your response, which I appreciate.
    Do stop by again. 😃


  8. Peter Adewumi 15/04/2019 — 8:50 am

    Comfort zones seem safe, just like a jail; but is no freedom whatsoever. Let all achievers breakthrough as the author has advised.

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    1. Good to hear from you Peter. Thank you for your report.

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  9. I appreciate the positive message of your blog. I just nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

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    1. Dear Ray,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed reading my posts and am honoured by your nomination. However, I don’t accept awards and hope you won’t feel offended.


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