Struggles with Self-Discipline (Part 2)


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Dear Discipline,

I hope you will not hold it against me if I tell you a few home truths and unburden my heart.

You see, for quite some time now, I have struggled to get your attention and persuade you to dispense some of your favours in my direction. I have tried to catch your eye and sought for you to even notice me, smile upon me and give me your unreserved support.

I have done so for years, even decades – all to no avail!

So what does a woman have to do, what does a writer have to say, to get you to notice them?


You seem to have had no problems favouring the likes of Brendan Burchard, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn and numerous other motivational speakers.

Is it that you only reserve your favours for men? But no, that can’t be true, cos there are also women such as Oprah Winfrey, Melanie Robbins, and Lisa Nicholls, whom you’ve blessed with your lavish attention. And you have certainly not been stingy with your favours when it comes to the likes of J K Rowling and Ruth Rendell!

So what is it?

Dear Discipline, why won’t you help me? Why does it always seem as if you could not care less about me, my projects or my aspirations?

It’s not fair!

Look, I don’t mean to moan… to come across as a spoiled child who pouts because she can’t get her own way, but come on! If that’s not favouritism I don’t know what is!

You’ve granted others your ability to self-govern, commit and work until their visions are realised. What is it that they have, which I don’t?

Oh right! Self-discipline is it? Ha! Ha!

But joking aside, what is it? Really!

I’ve written down my vision. I’ve broken down my dreams into manageable goals. I’ve promised myself to be diligent. I’ve vowed to spend quality time pursuing my goals. And yet… nada!

Is my vision not defined enough… strong enough… noble enough?

Or do you have a problem with me personally? That’s it isn’t it? I knew it!

Have I offended you in the past?

I know I’ve been wishy-washy about pursuing past dreams but can’t you let bygones be bygones? Or is that what you are doing? Are you so angry and frustrated about my fickleness and lack of stick-to-it-iveness that you have said: “Bye” [I’m] “gone”?

Dear Discipline, if I have offended you, please note I am truly sorry to have wasted your time and seemingly not appreciated your potential in my life. Truly, truly, I am sorry!

If you will just give me another chance, I promise I’ll change. In fact, haven’t you noticed? I have already changed!

I struggled for simply ages without your help but I did finally achieve a long-standing dream. I’ve written and published a book (hoorah!).

Does that convince you? Is that proof enough of my sincerity? Will you accept that as a down payment towards securing your future assistance?

Dear Discipline, I have lots of ideas and dreams that I want to fulfil. I need you. Won’t you grant me the favour of your presence and support? I promise I will never take you for granted. No never, ever again!

And I promise not to ignore you, or procrastinate on your suggestions. I promise to wake up early, go to bed late and work unceasingly in the hours between.*

So, will you please give me the time of day? Will you help me out just like you’ve helped others?

Will you train me, galvanise me and direct me?


Pretty please?

Yours desperately,

Lady Cee

*NB: fingers crossed behind my back! 😉


(If you missed yesterday’s post (Part 1), you may read it by clicking here)


Best wishes,

Carol ♥♥


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8 thoughts on “Struggles with Self-Discipline (Part 2)

  1. Hello Lady Cee! I find your article interesting and inspiring. Your article has really inspired me immensely. I’m glad I came across your blog to learn about such an important topic.
    I want to remain updated with your work, so I have decided to follow you! 🙂

    Kiran Kandel

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    1. Hello ProInvestivity. What a wonderful surprise to receive your lovely comment today. Thank you for reading and taking the time to engage with me. It’s always nice to hear that I’ve inspired someone. I hope you will find other posts equally inspiring.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mention not, Lady Cee! 🙂
        Once again, thanks for your inspirational blog post.
        Keep your articles coming!
        May I ask you for a small favor? If you could spare a minute of your time to look at my blog and provide some feedback, it would be invaluable to me. Thank you very much.

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      2. Hi Pro Investivity. Thank you for your kind comments.
        I will drop by in the week. Have a great day.

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      3. Sure, thanks a lot once again! 🙂

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    2. My apologies! I forgot to thank you for the follow. I do appreciate it. Have a great week!

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      1. It’s a not problem Lady Cee! 🙂

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