Struggles with Self-Discipline (Part 1)

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Dear purpose-driven achiever,

Do you struggle with self-discipline?

In recent research for this post, I came across the following statement:

The key to success in achieving your goals and plans both in your professional and personal life is to become a more self-disciplined person.

(Susan M. Heathfield)


You can read Susan Heathfield’s excellent and practical post giving 8 tips to building self-discipline here.

I have to admit that I often struggle with self-discipline. Below is a summary of some notes I took on this topic and have written up to post here, in the hopes that it might assist someone.



Summary of Self Discipline Notes:

Self-discipline is the process of consistently building daily habits over a period of time in order to achieve my goals or desired outcome.

It requires me to regulate, correct, and adapt my behaviour to changing circumstances within my life, whether hostile or favourable.

It is proactively training myself to act according to the rules and standards of whatever it is I am seeking to pursue.

Self-discipline improves my productivity and increases my self-confidence.

As I continue to build self-discipline in my life

  • I will feel a greater sense of control over the projects/tasks I take on,
  • my ability to focus increases and
  • I will gradually get more done in less time and with seemingly less effort.

Just like a muscle, I have to exercise self-discipline regularly, in order to develop and strengthen it.

Just as an open fire needs logs or coal to keep it burning, so self-discipline needs to be fuelled by either inspiration or motivation. If self-discipline is not constantly fuelled then I cannot maintain my focus.

NB: There is a difference between inspiration (coming from within) and motivation (coming from without). I can know the difference by measuring how long I remain excited or enthusiastic about the dream, goal or project. Inspiration lasts longer. I can motivate myself with affirmations. I inspire myself by considering and knowing what it is that I want.

Self-discipline requires both penalties and rewards for me to maintain long-term!

In order to regulate and correct my behaviour, I need to make certain agreements with myself (e.g. I will not reward myself with 2-3 episodes on Netflix until I have accomplished x, y, or z).

Don’t compare myself to others. Compete only against my best self.

Strive to improve daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

[End of notes]


I do hope you found the above useful, particularly if, like me, you struggle with maintaining self-discipline. I’d love for this post to motivate you to build healthy habits that takes you forward with your dreams and aspirations.

Best wishes,

Carol (aka Lady Cee)


Are you looking for a resource that will help and encourage you to develop a consistent and confident prayer life? If so, don’t hesitate to check out the links below.


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Did you enjoy reading this post? If so, please share your thoughts in a comment box below. Do you know someone who would benefit from its message? Then please don’t hesitate to share it. Thank you.



5 thoughts on “Struggles with Self-Discipline (Part 1)

  1. I adore this post, Carol! One of my favorite lines: “Don’t compare myself to others. Compete only against my best self.” I second that sentiment wholeheartedly. We’ve been trained by a twisted culture to see what we perceive as the worst in us, measured against what we perceive to be the best in someone else. All this does is cause us to fail to see the best in us and the beauty we were created for. I’m 100% guilty, so I share your heart here!

    I love this too: “It requires me to regulate, correct, and adapt my behaviour to changing circumstances within my life, whether hostile or favourable.” — How true! This one hit home for me right now because of our recent dramatic schedule changes with the pandemic. Because of the constant interruptions, responsibilities in our other business, etc – my writing slowed to nill. Now? I’m questioning whether to just throw in the towel. *sigh* It can be very discouraging when life throws us a curve we couldn’t plan for or pretend didn’t exist.

    Speaking of — how are you and your loved ones doing? I’m praying you are well!

    I did find your post very useful and practical. Thank you for sharing these amazing words. Self-discipline, though a bumpy road sometimes, will always keep us on the path God intended all along. It just doesn’t always make sense along the way. 🙂

    All my love to you! I’ve missed reading, sharing and commenting on your blogs. So sorry I’ve been out of touch! 🌺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Holly,

      How wonderful to hear from you and I am so glad you have commented because this lets me know you are well. I can imagine that this pandemic has thrown in a curved ball for business owners and can imagine you are busy with the unexpected changes and additional work responsibilities.

      I hope you will not throw in the towel completely when it comes to your writing/blogging Holly. Whenever, I face situations where I feel I cannot manage my blogs as well as my other responsibilities, I just take a blogging break. Perhaps you can consider doing the same. Just an idea. Of course you must do whatever you believe the Lord is leading you to do.

      I love hearing from you Holly and the way you fully engage with my posts. Thank you! It’s always great to receive comments – they can be so rare. I do appreciate you taking the time to read and share your thoughts. Bless you!

      I’m happy to hear my post both speaks to and resonates with you. You always share something meaningful too, which adds to the post, e.g. measuring what we perceive to be the worst in ourselves against the best in others. So very true!

      No need to apologise for your absence. Strangely enough this morning I was reviewing the lovely prophetic and encouraging words you have given to me in the past and thanking God for you, so you getting in touch today seems like a good omen and blesses my soul. 😇

      Thank you for your prayers. I appreciate them. Our families are well.
      My love to you too Holly. And may God’s hand of protection and favour rest upon you and your loved ones. Amen!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Carol, I value your friendship, your fellowship, your heart for others and the Lord. Your words of encouragement and wisdom have been just what I needed to hear/read more times than I can say! You are such a rich rich blessing to my life and I praise God for you and all He is doing through you!

        You’re absolutely right my friend. Sometimes we just need to take a break from the blogs, unless the Lord directs otherwise of course. It was what I needed. It felt as though the well of creativity had dried up and my motivation to write was gone. I believe this in big part was due to the many personal challenges I have happening at the moment. Your prayers are appreciated for clarity and wisdom, to know what to do moving forward. I will continue to pray for you as well. 🤗

        I know exactly what you mean about comments. When someone takes the time to actually read the post and then share their thoughts (along with sharing it!), it means more than we could ever express. Likes are nice, but as you well know, this doesn’t always mean someone actually read the post!

        You have always added value every time you’ve commented as well. To leave a thoughtful comment acknowledges the gift in someone else’s life and that’s beautiful! We work really hard at what we do and knowing that someone cares makes all the difference. The effort to keep going and moving forward seems much more doable. Encouragement is priceless!

        Precious friend Carol, know that you are very loved. By me and most definitely by your Heavenly Father. I think of you often as the Holy Spirit leads me to pray for you. All my love is heading your way! Never stop being who you are, because who you are is beautiful and blessed! 🌺😘

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Dear Holly,
        Apologies for my delayed response. You are always so comprehensive and generous with your comments that I do not wish to just bash out a quick reply. I normally have to wait to be able to take the time and give you the considered response you deserve.
        First, let me thank you for reading my post and leaving me your precious comment.
        Second, I thank God that he brought you into my life because you have been a real support and encouragement to me. I can recall the very first time you responded to one of my posts and how, what I see as prophetic words of encouragement, ministered to me emotionally and spiritually. They came at a time when I was experiencing a terrible spiritual attack and God used you to demonstrate such love and assurance to me, I will not forget.
        Third, I likewise value your friendship and your demonstration of this through the amount of time and trouble you have taken to support me. I refer to your prayers for me, your comments, the sharing of my posts on social media, the purchase of my book and also taking the time to write a comprehensive review. And, it’s because of all the love and generosity of heart that you have sown into my life that you have already been added to my prayer list. It’s always helpful to have a specific request though, and I will certainly ask God to grant you the clarity and wisdom you seek, so you can know how to move forward.
        I do understand what you mean when you mention creativity seems to have dried up and motivation gone. I went through something similar a while back and wrote a post about it. Whenever you have the time, you may wish to read it:
        Thank you for confirming the impact that my writing ministry has had upon you. I appreciate this so much because without the comments, I can never truly know what effect I am having and when, as you mention, we work so hard to produce our posts but see little return on our efforts in the way of comments, it can be discouraging and can even lead to you questioning whether to continue, or whether you heard God in the first place.
        Have a wonderful week Holly and I pray God watches over and keeps you and your loved ones safe.

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