Fact or Fiction? The Funnel Phenomena

Hello dear friends,

I thought I’d share one of my attempts at a Daily Post Word prompt, which I wrote as a creative writing exercise in February 2018. I needed to tidy it up a little bit and give it some kind of conclusion, and hope you enjoy reading it. Let me know your response in a comment box below. Thank you.



To tell you the truth I’ve been avoiding this particular word prompt because I just seemed to be having a block about where I would go with this.


The main thing that springs to mind is the funnelling of ideas. And so maybe, that’s where I should go.

Do I funnel ideas? Has someone else funnelled their ideas into me?


Our parents. Our friends. Our enemies. Our Teachers. The media.

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We are the conduit of all sorts of opinions and thoughts and theories. We are the composite of the various notions we have accepted, of those we have embraced. Yet we are also a carrier of the thoughts and ideas (negative thoughts and ideas) with which others have infected us. Such as the thoughts and evil suggestions of Satan. Such as the prejudices of ignoramuses. Such as any weird ideologies aired, which are contrary to the thinking of mainstream society.

We absorb. We consume. We embrace. We reject.

Ideas. Conjecture. Ideologies. Principles.

Funnelled from person to person. In the classroom or the church pew. Through books. Blogs. Radio. TV. Not to mention, the Internet!

All sorts of ideas. All sorts of opinions.

We receive. And we sift and examine. Yet sometimes insidious thoughts (although unwelcome), worm their way into our minds, sit there and do their pernicious work. Funnelling through our consciousness. Affecting our self-esteem and our joie de vivre.

Minds. Whether our minds, or the minds of others, become an investment bank within which we’ve deposited the currency of innovative, introspective, meditative or speculative ideas… from which we withdraw godly, irreverent or toxic thoughts.   

All those ideas…

Funnelling through the universe. Funnelling through our brains.  Funnelling and enlightening. Funnelling and darkening. Funnelling and creating—whether hope or despair, faith or fear, peace or uncertainty.

No wonder people are susceptible to mental breakdowns. No wonder dictators oppress. No wonder extremist views are entertained. No wonder murderous thoughts are executed.

And, no wonder God has provided his children with the Girdle of Truth, in order to undergird their minds, in order to protect their psyche. Yea, no wonder we are supposed to seek spiritual transformation by the continual renewing of our minds.

Dear reader, as a purpose-driven believer and dream achiever, I trust you are carefully vetting the reams of information and ideas being funnelled daily into your mind.

Be safe, be mindful – and have a wonderful week!

With love and best wishes,

Carol (aka Lady Cee)

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