What’s Your Why?


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  • To be the motive of something or someone
  • To cause or stimulate (a person) to act
  • To be the underlying cause of (an action)

(Chambers 21st Century Dictionary)




It’s Monday!

The first day of the working week for some.

It’s also the first Monday of this brand new month. How time is flying!

At the beginning of this year, my Motivational Monday post challenged PDA followers and visitors to focus on our personal development for the rest of this year, in order to move forward with our dreams, in order to work on ourselves so we can become the people we need to be, in order to achieve our goals.

How’s that going?

Are you still up for the challenge?

Sometimes it can be hard to keep that motivation going. So when motivation dies, what can we do? How can we re-motivate ourselves?

During the past year or so, I’ve been listening to a lot of motivational messages and one thing that has come up again and again with regards to motivation is that we must have a WHY?

Why are you chasing your dream?

Why are you pursuing your goal?

Why do you wish to accomplish this, that, or the other?

Is your WHY? a strong enough motivation for you?

It needn’t even be one single reason. There may be several reasons why you choose to keep on going. And the reason(s) may change as you go along.

I recently achieved a long, long, long-standing dream (whoo hoo!) and my WHY changed over the years. In the beginning my goal to put together a prayer manual was driven by a desire to use it in my personal devotional and prayer sessions. As I began working on it, I believed God wanted me have it published.

I procrastinated. Then one day, as I was browsing in a Christian book shop, I saw a prayer book with exactly the same title I’d intended to give to my own book. I was shocked! The book was also similar in concept to what I’d been planning to write. I purchased the book feeling God had brought it to my attention for a reason. Was he trying to tell me that if I didn’t obey, there were others who would? The experience taught me a lesson and I felt convicted. I felt I’d let both God and myself down. However, old habits die hard and over the following years, I continued to procrastinate.

Nevertheless, I was convinced I should produce the book so continued to work on it. Once again, I failed to be diligent. Time passed and I despaired of ever completing it. At times I even considered giving up. But as I edited and re-shaped those prayers and used them during my devotional sessions, as the Holy Spirit continued to inspire me and helped me to articulate the various ideas, as the book gradually took shape, I felt an urge to continue and bring my project to its completion.

And then my mother became ill. As her chief carer, I had very little spare time for myself. 8 hours per day, 5 days per week belonged to my employer, and a few hours after work plus most of Saturday was spent caring for my mother and looking after her home. How I regretted all those wasted years of procrastination!

And then there was a time when I suffered a mysterious debilitating attack upon my health. I had just completed the manuscript but there was still an awful lot of work to be done to bring it up to publication-ready standard. Was I going to die before I could finish it? I cried out to the Lord to heal and deliver me from the plans of the Enemy. I asked him to preserve my life so I could complete the project and he graciously did so. Thank God for praying friends and family members!

The saga did not end there. Being of a perfectionist mindset, I spent months searching and researching for an editor and suitable publishing service. There were so many options, all claiming to be the best? Which way should I go? Who should I choose?

Of course I prayed to God for his guidance. I shared with Him my vision and desire for the book’s content and presentation. During all this time my WHY changed.

My mother, who had died and left behind a wonderful spiritual legacy was one of my whys. The belief that God had placed a call upon my life and this book was to play a part in that calling was another why. The amount of time it had taken from conception to completion, was a why―despite the temptation to just give up, I could not allow all those hours and all those years to count for nothing. And a desire to actually finish something I had started was another why.

Dear reader, you cannot imagine the joy I feel each time I look at the finished product:  Petitions From My Heart, a copy of which lies on my desk.

So my question for you today dear reader is, what’s your why?




Carol ♥♥





(First published 5 Aug 2019 and re-published 4 November 2019)

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