Dear Dreamer – Come Forth!



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There’s a story in the Bible where for one unfortunate man his aspirations, his dreams, his potential had come to a sudden and bitter end. They became buried with him in a tomb, simply because he had died. His name was Lazarus.

But Jesus came along and did the impossible.

He spoke. He called. He commanded. “Lazarus” he said: “Come forth!”

And guess what! Lazarus came out of his tomb!

Jesus invigorated this man with resurrection life, with the potential for new dreams and possibilities.


He cried with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come forth!” (John 11:43 NKJV)


Have you allowed your potential, your dreams to become dormant, even dead?

I have a word for you.

Jesus came to set you free from all that binds and confines you.

So dare to come forth! Dare to live an abundant, victorious and purpose-driven life. Dare to become a purpose-driven achiever.

Dear reader, hear my heart. Receive my encouragement. Pay heed to the voice of Jesus, as he speaks to your heart today.

Come forth!



  • If you don’t have a dream, or you’ve allowed prior dreams to die, then ask your Father God to give you a dream, to reveal to you His plan and purpose for your life
  • If you realise that fears, doubts, excuses, are holding you captive, ask the Holy Spirit to help you overcome them.
  • If you do have a dream, then record and review it regularly—to help you maintain your focus and achieve your aspirations.

Why should you bother?


    • Someone out there needs what you have to offer
    • You can be an inspiration to others
    • As Langston Hughes infers, dead dreams curtail your ability to soar in life
    • Fulfilling your God-given dream brings glory and honour to Him.


Dear friend, dear brother or sister in Christ, if you are feeling frustrated and unfulfilled, my message, my challenge to you TODAY is this: Come forth!

With love from,


Carol (aka Lady Cee) ♥♥♥

Author of: Petitions From My Heart

(If you live in the UK click here)




Do you have a secret dream or passion you’ve been cherishing deep within your heart? Why not share it with me in a comment box below? Seriously, I’d love to hear from you. And if you know anyone who would benefit from reading this post, please share it with them.



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