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If you have gone through the WordPress Blogging 101 training course, one of the things the tutors recommend is that you focus your blog on a particular message or theme and write for a specific person, or target readership.

With that piece of blogging wisdom in mind and, as the first quarter of this year draws rapidly to a close, perhaps now is a good time to review our blog’s message and our blog objectives. Are we achieving what we set out to do? Have our motivations changed? Have we as individuals grown since we began our blogs? If so, have our initial reasons for starting to blog in the first place now changed? Do we need to re-brand, or else go back to basics?

The following is my response to an old Daily Post prompt, which I used as a writing exercise. I’m sharing it because I think it’s in keeping with what I’m trying to say in this post.


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Daily Post Prompt: BE THE CHANGE!

I would like my blogs, Women of Warfare  and A Purpose-driven achiever, to make my visitors smile, feel better about themselves, be encouraged, feel as if they have an online friend who cares about them and empathises with the things they have to deal with.

I would like my blogs to influence women to aspire to a deeper relationship with God, to be a better person, character-wise and perspective-wise.

I would like to encourage women to pursue their dreams and realise their potential. I’d like them to feel there is a place they can go, for the encouragement and motivation required to live their everyday life on a higher plane. I would like them to feel highly motivated, to seize their day, to live abundantly, instead of merely existing, letting life pass them by, feeling overwhelmed by circumstances, or overlooked by the people around them.

I would like my blogs to motivate women to make the most of every day, to see, enjoy and celebrate their lives as something special, rather than dismiss as drudgery, or as run-of-the-mill ordinary, or worse still view with utter dread, because someone or something has marred their outlook.

And just as I would like God to use me, to be that change in the lives of women who come within my circle of influence, so I desire that these women in turn would be the change in the lives of others around them.

Purpose-driven believers and dream achievers, whether blogger, Christian, colleague, parent, or whatever, I challenge you – in your  household, neighbourhood, workplace, community – be the change! Be an asset in your circle of influence. Be an influence for good.

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Have you felt the need to change, or expand the message of your blog, or have you maintained your original theme? Please share your response to this post in the comment box below. I look forward to hearing from you.


5 thoughts on “Friends, Bloggers and Countrymen – Lend me your ears!

  1. I started my second blog because I wanted to share my thoughts and experience on writing, blogging, speaking and photography which I felt would be a bit out of sync with my first blog…I have a blog idea that’s been in the cooler for quite a bit because it needs a home for itself 🙂
    I also believe in encouraging others, especially women to follow their dreams and to live their God-ordained purpose in life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jacqueline for reading my post and leaving your comment. As always, highly appreciated, especially as you engage in a meaningful way. In fact my stats page shows you as my highest commenter! Bless you.
      You are a real encourager and example to me of a successful blogger who takes time to engage with, support and even come up with new initiatives, which help others and build community – not just build your own kingdom. That’s why I and other people have time for you. 💖😃
      I really meant to bring this post at the beginning of the Year, but circumstances prevented me, so I tweaked it for a new quarter.
      A lovely blogger whom I’ d come across had started her blog for one reason and I sought an update to discover the situation no longer existed. I suggested she re-brand, and she graciously took my suggestion on board.
      I agree about having 2, even 3 blogs, if one can manage it, if the themes/direction differs but if anyone wants to combine them all on one blog that’s ok too, if the content is organised and the reader informed.


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