Don’t Just Seize the Day – Seize Your Life!

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Seize life! […]

Each day is God’s gift. It’s all you get in exchange

For the hard work of staying alive.

Make the most of each one!

(Ecclesiastes 9:7-9 TM)

Hello dear friends and followers,

How did you come into this new year, this new month, even this new day?

Did you enter with faith or a sense of failure? Did you greet 2023 with trepidation or expectation?

There may well be some of you who celebrated the dawning of this brand-new year with partying and pizzazz because that’s what one does… because everyone else is doing it… because, because, because!

And then there may be those who decided to treat it as any other day. After all, why bother? Why go through the rigmarole and ritual of broken resolutions and end-of-year regrets? Why set yourself up for eventual disappointment? Why waste optimism?

Again, there may be those who’ve been hit with financial worries, ill-health, or misfortune and feel too despondent or distracted to even consider setting goals, discovering one’s destiny, or pursuing God’s purpose.

Now, as someone who has a fat memory file of forsaken goals, self-sabotaged dreams, and thwarted ambitions, I’ve been there! So, if disappointment or disillusionment has been your constant companion year after year, and if this has coloured your New Year horizon with the negative hues of scepticism, may I offer you some encouragement today?

Seize Life!

There’s a little-known yet pertinent proverb which comes from God’s Word and goes as follows: A living dog is better than a dead lion! In fact, let me share with you the complete snapshot of King Solomon’s observation, within which this proverb was set. He says:

… “A living dog is better than a dead lion.” The living at least know something, even if it’s only that they’re going to die. But the dead know nothing and get nothing. […]  Their loves, their hates, yes, even their dreams, are long gone.

(Ecclesiastes 9:4-6 TM)

Now, as one of the wisest men (if not the wisest) that ever lived, perhaps we would do well to consider and pay heed to King Solomon’s words.

Yes. Life happens!

Yes. The path of success may be convoluted and difficult to traverse.

Yes. Pursuing our purpose, chasing our dreams, achieving our goals, may be frustrating, physically exhausting even at times, downright disheartening. However, that is no reason to give up, to live listless lives. As human beings, we have inherited God’s creative DNA. As children of God, we have a distinct advantage in that He has blessed us with amazing spiritual resources, to facilitate our success in life.

We have access to the Holy Spirit, whose assignment is to come alongside and help us. We have the Lord himself interceding for us. And, secreted within God’s Word, we have His blueprint for our future plus supernatural keys and life-giving counsel, awaiting our discovery. Given these kingdom realities, the New Year promises adventure for Born-again believers, so it should not be greeted with apathy!

Now is not the time to take a backseat in life, or wallow in the grime of past defeat. It’s time to take stock, make fresh plans and move forward into our future with courage.

We are alive!

There are many who simply did not make it to 2023.

So, my dear friends, I hope you will embrace this New Year with expectation, faith and determined purpose. I hope you will not only seize your day but seize your life!

Wishing you a personally fulfilling and fruitful 2023.

Carol E. Hind

Author/Blogger/Purpose-driven Achiever

What’s your response to Solomon’s observations above, or to this post? Has it motivated you afresh? Please share your thoughts in a comment box below.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Just Seize the Day – Seize Your Life!

  1. Carol – I loved your “Even Now” words. Such beautiful encouragement for us all. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Jacquie,
      Thanks for popping by. I love your visits. Not only are you encouraging and supportive but you always let me know which section resonates with you. Bless you! 😃


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