So Where Are You Going in Life?

Where am I going in life? This is a question that I often ask myself.

What a pity, I’d not thought to interrogate myself about this much earlier on. Of course, I’d asked myself this in a roundabout sort of way, each time I reached important age milestones. But then I’d continue to stumble along on Some-Day-Avenue, not realising that my failure to plan was a sure path to failure.

How I wish I knew then, what I know now!

How I wish I’d had at my fingertips then, all my acquired knowledge related to pursuing dreams, which I’ve gained over the past 5 years or so. Now, if it were possible to go back in time, to when I was a wide-eyed novice newly released into the world of work, I would not only have asked this important question but also decided upon the direction in which I wanted to go and designed a pathway to take me there.

So where am I headed?

Well, I’m believing that my efforts and endeavours to be a purpose-driven achiever will eventually make me a frequent visitor to Success Street. Meanwhile, I’m hoping that if, or when I make a detour, or lose my way around Self-Sabotage Square that I will come across Carol-You-Can-Make-it Avenue and re-route to my Father-God’s planned and perfect will, on Destiny Close.

For many years, I either languished at a negative crossroads, or meandered towards the dreaded No-Way-Out cul-de-sac. Do I have regrets? Tons! However, I take comfort and courage from the following saying: Better late than never!

I’m so glad that today, because of God’s generous grace and unfailing mercies, I am now on the right path. Of course, I still miss the correct turnings now and again and allow myself to turn left or right along Distraction Walk.

Thankfully, I’ve heard (and paid heed to), the still small voice of God’s Holy Spirit, re-directing and advising me: this is the way, walk in it! On such occasions, I’ve turned around, grabbed the roadmap of God’s Word, and decided to get the hell out of there!

Dear friend, I trust you are further along in your journey towards Success Street than you were at the beginning of this year. I hope you will finish this year strong, walking in faith and victory, and marching under the banner of God’s steadfast love.

With best wishes,

Carol E. Hind

Author, Blogger and Purpose-Driven Achiever!

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10 thoughts on “So Where Are You Going in Life?

  1. It is important to listen to Holy Spirit and follow his direction on your life walk. I have made many wrong turns and stops by failing to listen and obey the voice of the Lord. One thing I really enjoy about the Lord is his redemption. Detours and dead ends will be used for his glory. The important thing is not to give up and to return to the Lord with all of our hearts!

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    1. Hello Pure Glory,
      Thank you for engaging with my post and for your exhortation. I appreciate your comment. Have a blessed and victorious week.

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      1. You are welcome, Lady Cee. I receive your blessing! 😊 Abundant overflowing blessings!

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  2. God is leading the way … lighting our path ….. and if we miss too many signs, he will make a MAJOR course correction for us. I wasn’t watching/listening and he changed my course in a single heartbeat. Listen to his whispers in your ears! ❤

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    1. Hello DAP – thank you so much for responding to my post and for your encouraging comment. Amen!

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  3. I loved this Carol. I loved the humour in the street names which connected me to my own ongoing journey in a light and hope-filled way. And the reminder that God is always with us guiding and re-directing us. A wrong step here and there doesn’t take us off the course He has for us.

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    1. Thank you dear Jacquie for stopping by and, as always, letting me know exactly what in my post spoke to you. Thank you for engaging with me over the years and for your loving support. Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy and Fulfilled Year in 2023. God bless!


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