Use God’s Script for Success!


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People may judge you by what they see.

People may judge you by what they know (or think they know!)

People may even judge you by what they hear.

As humans, we tend to look at someone and judge them by what we see on the outside. God however, looks at the heart.

When Samuel asked Jesse to bring out all his sons because he was looking to anoint the next king, Jesse brought out seven of his eight sons. He did not even consider bringing out his youngest son, David.


Because David was just a “shepherd’s boy”! Because for some reason, Jesse did not consider him to be king material.

Yet David was the one whom God had chosen. And David went on to be a giant-slayer, an inspirational leader, a courageous and successful warrior.

Beloved friend, God knows the purpose he has ordained for your life. He knows what gifts and abilities he has placed within you. And He knows what you are capable of with the help of his spiritual resources.

It’s bad enough when people disqualify us because of what they see, think, hear or know, without us adding to the negative mix. Because let’s face it, we are often guilty of judging our own selves by the outward appearance.

I’m not young enough, pretty enough, intelligent enough, experienced enough blah, blah, blah!

And because we have judged ourselves as deficient in some way, or because we have allowed others to define and disqualify us by their scorn, or contempt, or dismissal, or indifference, or prejudice, we shrink back into our inferiority cave and give up on our dreams, or even worse, feel we have no business even trying to pursue our aspirations.

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Purpose-driven believer, if this has been your story to date, re-write your history. Choose a new script – God’s script of possibility and success.

Step forward into your destiny. You are God’s creative masterpiece!

Below, I share a 4min video of a man who despite his shy personality and lack of confidence, decided to pursue an opportunity. That decision changed his life. I trust it will encourage you.



Question: What decision will you make today, in order to step forward into your destiny?


Have a blessed weekend!

Best wishes,

Carol (aka Lady Cee)

God’s Purpose-driven Achiever



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3 thoughts on “Use God’s Script for Success!

  1. Sherileen Lambert 05/07/2020 — 7:49 am

    Good Morning Aunty C,

    I always look forward to reading your latest blog at weekends. Reading them seem to have become part of my weekend routine now.

    I love the story of David and his rise to becoming King. To be honest, I don’t even think David himself quite realised or understood what God’s amazing purpose was for his life, being a young man and a Shepherd Boy!

    There is a tendency for us/myself to define and measure talents by scale, size, popularity or particularly by other people’s standards and gestures of recognition.

    And, we also forget that God’s purpose for us is not determined by the above.

    I often have found that God will use the most unobvious and humbling situations for us/myself to showcase our talents in order to touch someone’s heart, be an example or to give something back.

    Thank you for writing your blog. Keep writing and inspiring.

    Sheri 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sheri. And I have started to look forward to hearing from you and reading your response to my posts. I don’t think anyone knows the extent of what God has planned for us. It is as we start to move out that he reveals more and more and opens the necessary doors.
      You are right. It is humble things God uses, so that the glory goes to him. Who would have thought a stone and a sling could topple a giant?
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and for your encouragement. 😃


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