Why Are We Waiting?


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I know you are used to waiting.

Because before we can enjoy a cup of tea, we have to wait for the kettle to boil.

And before we can eat the meal we’ve ordered, we have to wait for the chef to prepare it.

In fact, before we can move forward towards our destination, we have to wait for the driver to start the vehicle’s engine.

Nobody really likes to wait, but since it’s a part of life, we are used to doing so. However, it is how we wait, which makes the difference between maintaining our peace of mind, or giving in to impatience and a sense of frustration.

How are you when it comes to waiting for your dreams to unfold? How do you behave when you are waiting for that God-given vision to manifest?

As we move towards the midpoint of the year, where are you with the goals you set at the beginning? Are you on course? Are you way behind? Or have you not even got off the starting block?

If the latter is the case, you can still work towards something that will put a smile of satisfaction in your heart, rather than cause your spirit to droop in despair. You can still aim to achieve, to walk your pre-ordained path towards success. It’s up to you!

But perhaps you have not yet started because you believe that you’re waiting on God to do something. And maybe that is the case, but then again, perhaps God is actually waiting on you!

Sometimes, like Abraham, it is we who have to start the journey and give God something to work with, in order for us to arrive at our destination.

Then there are the scenarios where, as we saw in the examples of life above, preparation takes time.

So, are you prepared?

If success should come knocking at your door, are you really ready for it?

Have you given God the requisite time for him to hone your character, so you are not beguiled and changed by it?

If, or when you achieve your dream, will you take time to savour and celebrate it, or will you take that as your cue to start striving for even more, for bigger and better?

Now if that is what you feel tempted to do, then perhaps you should consider the following:

  • Stop
  • Examine your motives
  • Ask God to search your heart
  • Be still before Him and wait for his response.


Because whatever dream you are pursuing, as a child of God, you should be purpose-driven. And that purpose should be God-determined, not society-shaped or secular world-defined.

Wishing you all a blessed and productive week ahead.

Best wishes,

Carol (aka Lady Cee)


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2 thoughts on “Why Are We Waiting?

  1. My sweet friend, I LOVE this thought-provoking post! One of my favorite lines are these: “Because whatever dream you are pursuing, as a child of God, you should be purpose-driven. And that purpose should be God-determined, not society-shaped or secular world-defined.” — Yes! You are absolutely right! In the past, I have chased after ‘success’ as determined by this ol’ world. It is empty, unfulfilling and honest to goodness, it will wear you out! We simply weren’t meant to carry the load that comes with the burden of being something we weren’t called to do/be.

    One of my most frequent prayers is, “God, if you’re not in this, show me! Help me to see the journey that you set for me and not one that I am choosing for myself. Help me to see when it’s you and when it’s me. Help me to lay down what doesn’t belong to me. If you’re not in it, I don’t want it.”

    Years ago, I read something that really touched my heart and has stayed with me. It talked about the dreams in our hearts. Where did they come from? Our dreams are not the problem. Those dreams are God’s dreams for us, assuming they align with His character! It then dawned on me, our problems come arrive when the dream becomes ‘our God.’ When we seek after the thing more than we seek the heart and face of God. We are all guilty of it at one time or another. The dream is there to drive us closer to the Creator of our dream. A Daddy God who adores us and wants the very best for us! Without the dream, we lose a piece of His heart. 🙂

    I believe God wants to bless us far beyond what we could ever imagine. His Word promises us this! But He is a loving God. A loving parent wouldn’t give their 11 year old child a car to kill themselves in! It’s the same with Father God. He knows what we need when we need it. We may pout and wish His timing was not what it is. The fact still remains: He knows when the recipient of the gift can receive it without harm! ❤

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    1. Dearest Holly,
      Again, you just do not know how blessed I am to read your response to my posts, which are always positive and encouraging. I also appreciate the additional gold you bring with your perspective.
      Thank you for sharing the nugget you’d read a while back, about the dreams of our hearts and thanks for sharing your epiphany in response to this.
      You are absolutely right! It is possible for those cherished dreams to become a god in our hearts and even replace him as a priority. I’ve had to search my own heart about this and there was a time when I wondered whether God had wanted me to lay down my desire to write. I struggled but was willing to do so, even though it pained me, and I’m grateful that God did not require me to lay it down permanently. I love to write. And there are periods when I feel like the lead actor in Chariots of Fire, in that I actually sense God’s pleasure at my using this gift.
      I like your prayer Holly. I too only want what God has planned and ordained for me. May the Lord hear our prayers and grant these requests and may we flourish in the things he has called us to do, in accordance with his perfect will.

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