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Motivational Monday



Hello friends,

Here we are in the fifth month of this year. We are almost at the midway point. I always believe that once we hit the end of June, the rest of the year flies by before you can blink twice. And, as we are aware, time waits for no one!

How are you when it comes to making good use of your time?

Are you regularly complaining that you don’t have enough of it? If so, you may wish to read a short motivational post about time management here.

Dear reader, each of us is allotted the same 24 hours to use as we see fit. How is it then that some people achieve amazing results with their time, whilst others don’t?

It goes back to our desires, and how much we want to achieve those desires. It goes back to whether or not we have set goals and made plans to help us move towards the achievement of our desires. It goes back to our motivation.

Let me tell you about a young Christian woman I admire, who is married and has six children (yes six!). This woman is a blogger, a business woman, and has most recently obtained her doctorate degree.

I’m proud to be associated with this industrious woman of God. In fact, I see her as a real example of godly success and achievement. I have previously flagged up this friend to followers at my other blog (Women of Warfare!), in a post which sought to encourage followers to make prayer a priority, regardless of demands upon our time.

After all, if despite her schedule as a wife, mother and busy professional, Dr Joy (as she is fondly known), can still make time to give Father-God first priority each day, then I don’t see how anyone can say I’m too busy to pray! And, as purpose-driven achievers, I would hope prayer is one of your success habits.

Do go along and visit Dr Joy, who is a certified clinical aromatherapist and Christian counsellor.

Who inspires you? What are you motivated by? How do you re-motivate yourself when enthusiasm begins to flag or life just gets in the way?

Do you have a plan for when those days of discouragement or frustration come upon you?

Have you prepared for such eventualities? Do you have a go-to strategy, which enables you to find that motivational oomph whenever you need it?

What is the one thing you would like to achieve this year? It doesn’t have to be a big thing, then again, it can be as major as your heart can conceive.

  • Have you written that thing down?
  • Do you review it daily, or as regularly as you can?
  • Are you thinking about it constantly?
  • Are you accessing mentors who motivate you (whether in person, through books, or watching motivational videos)?

A few years ago I came to the realisation that when I spend my time watching my favourite shows, I am watching others pursue and achieve their dreams, whether as actors, script writers or contestants.

As the good book says, there is a time and a season for everything. So what time, what season is it right now in your life?

Is it a time to pursue your own goals, or are you too busy watching others pursue theirs?

Dear friend, whatever you are currently doing with your time determines the category that you wittingly, or unwittingly place yourself within.

Purpose-driven believer and aspiring dream-achiever, my heart’s desire is that this month of May will be a productive month for you. My heart’s desire is that this month sees you continue to plan, pursue and persist, as you reach towards your heart’s desire.

Have a blessed and prosperous week!




Are you looking for a resource that will help and encourage you to develop a consistent and confident prayer life? If so, don’t hesitate to check out the links below.



AMAZON UK – Print: click here; E-book: click here

AMAZON US – Print: click here;  E-book: click here


How do you re-motivate yourself when enthusiasm begins to flag or life just gets in the way?


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