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The definition of bravery is the quality or state of showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty. Showing no fear in times of trouble does not mean there is no fear. It means walking into a scary time prepared to meet the challenge. Brave comes from the word bravo, which means […]

via Be Brave — Michelle’s Mosaic 

May I introduce a dear blogger friend? I met Michelle, when she was a monthly contributor at Two Drops of Ink. You may recall me sharing some of my guest posts, written for this literary blog.

When I read the above post (I’ve now read it several times), I just knew I had to share it. Both readers and writers alike are in for a treat. Michelle’s message is not only powerful but beautifully written.

Best wishes,

Carol (aka Lady Cee)

“…If you love what you are doing, you will be successful” – Albert Schweitzer



2 thoughts on “Be Brave — Michelle’s Mosaic

  1. Thank you for posting my blog!! It is a strange time we are living in. I have even added a pandemic category on my blog page! But as people of faith..we know the secret place. We know he has it all. That is our biggest shelter.

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    1. You are welcome Michelle. Yes, as you say we know the secret place. We just need to make sure that we abide there.
      Have a blessed weekend! 😃

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