Are You Newsworthy?


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I’ve often felt envious of certain Biblical characters who had an amazing relationship with God.

People like Enoch, who became such good friends with his Maker that instead of returning home, he went off to be with God in heaven (Genesis 5:24).

And then there’s Moses, who communed with God face-to-face and whom God personally buried (Exodus 33:11; Deuteronomy 34:5-6).

Not to mention Abraham, whom God treated as a friend and confidant, deciding that he could not act on a plan to destroy Sodom & Gomorrah, without first telling Abraham (Genesis 18:17-33).

And it would be remiss of me to forget King David, whom God deemed to be “…a man after mine own heart.” (Acts 13:22)

What was it that set these men apart?

I believe an all-consuming love and reverence for God inspired them to make Him an absolute priority in their lives.

In a motivational book I happened to be reading this week, the author revealed he’d always declared and firmly believed that his family was the first priority in his life.

However, a health scare caused him to re-examine his life and he discovered that this was not actually the case. He had only to look at where, and how he was spending most of his time, to realise that although he said his family was the priority, in actual fact it was his work.

Now, as Christians, we can often believe and claim that God and our relationship with him, is our priority. But if a crisis were to occur in our lives or in the lives of our loved ones, and we were forced to re-examine that claim, would it stand up?

And what if a crisis were to come upon our nation… upon the entire world?

I recently read a refreshingly honest blog post where the writer admits that measures put in place, to try and de-escalate the devastating impact of the Covid-19 virus, opened her eyes to the true reality of her relationship with God.

She said:

I’ll admit, I’ve been pretty lax in my relationship with God in the last several months. He’s been Someone that I just visit on Sunday at church, maybe a little prayer here and there. But with the fast pace of life, and my own –admittedly – often selfish existence, I’ve given God the backseat.

You can read her entire post here.

Which set me thinking (do you mind if we play a game?).

If your relationship with God was a newspaper item, how would you categorise it? Honestly!

  • Front page news?
  • The obituary page?
  • A weekly column?
  • The Sports, Leisure and Entertainment section?


  • An insignificant article?

And how would God categorise it?

Do these two views mesh?

The Bible tells us about people who thought they had a relationship with Jesus, but he denied this was the case and said he did not know them.

Now, the author I mentioned above, thought his relationship with his family was a priority but then discovered this was not the case. Fortunately, he was able to put this right. And our dear blogger friend recognises her current situation as a wake-up call.

Purpose-driven believers, whilst pursuing our aspirations, goals and dreams, let’s not forget that our relationship with God should take first priority. And let’s not make the error of mistaking good works, faithful service, or regular church attendance for a meaningful relationship with God.

Let’s provoke spiritual onlookers to godly jealousy because of the great relationship we have with our Lord Jesus. Who knows, perhaps we will one day join the illustrious ranks of confirmed God-seekers and pleasers!

And, if our Father-God was interviewed in a few months from now, and He was able to say that your relationship with him is worthy of front page news, wouldn’t that be something?

Have a blessed and beautiful weekend!

With love,


Carol (aka Lady Cee)

Author of: Petitions From My Heart


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4 thoughts on “Are You Newsworthy?

  1. Wow! This post really made me stop and think about where I am in my relationship with God!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Dear Michelle,
      Thank you so much for reading my post and taking the time to leave me your precious comment. That is so encouraging to hear! Thank you for sharing your response.
      I pray that God will meet you at your point of reflection and reward you with a deeper and more fervent attraction for him.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Great message as always, Carol! I love this point: “Purpose-driven believers, whilst pursuing our aspirations, goals and dreams, let’s not forget that our relationship with God should take first priority.”

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Shell Vera. I appreciate you stopping by and your encouraging comment.

      Liked by 2 people

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