My Kick-Start Post – 2020


Last year DaintyM kindly nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award (Yikes! I can’t believe it was as far back as Sept 2019). You can read DaintyM’s post responding to her own challenge here:

And so, I thought I’d kick-start this brand New Year by writing a post in response to DaintyM’s challenge.

Now normally, I don’t accept awards, mainly because I feel I can’t spare the time to write posts that are not directly focussed on the themes of my two blogs (yes, I’m a glutton for punishment!).

However, having recently achieved my dream of completing and publishing my book (Yay! And double yay!), I’ve decided to relax this rule – at least for the time being.

So folks, here goes!

Thank you Dainty M for your nomination and I formally accept your challenge.



What is the Sunshine Blogger Award? 

It is a peer-recognition award for bloggers who inspire readers by promoting positivity and bringing joy.


Later in this post I will be nominating 11 bloggers to further spread the love and participate (if they so wish), in this challenge.

Meanwhile, here are Dainty M’s questions followed by my responses:

  1. If you couldn’t write, what would you do?
  2. What’s your favourite season in the year, and why?
  3. What’s your ideal pick me up? (stuff to get you by when you feel like giving up).
  4. Juice or soda?
  5. What’s the meaning of your blog name?
  6. Pancakes or waffles?
  7. What’s your favourite movie (or book) of all time?
  8. Can you summarize it in one sentence?
  9. What three things would you like to do before you die?
  10. What’s your favourite song right now?
  11. If you were a superhero, what would you do to change the world?


If you couldn’t write what would you do?

I’d probably die! (or at the very least experience severe withdrawal symptoms).

I can’t imagine a life now where I do not write. Yes there were years and years and years that passed, when I knew it was what a wanted to do but did not do so regularly. I’m so glad those days, with the subsequent self-bashing sessions, are finally over.

However, if I did not write, then since I am pretty good at sewing (dear mama taught me!), and since I enjoy making outfits, I’d be a fashion designer.


What’s your favourite season in the year and why?

Hard to pick. I love spring with its burst of new life and beautiful blossoms. I love the blue autumn skies and the season’s gorgeous-coloured leaves. But summer would have to be my favourite season of all. That’s when I get to sit out in my garden and enjoy the fruits of my labour. I can admire the plants, enjoy the peaceful ambience, indulge in long reading sessions and listen to the surrounding calls of nature.

I don’t particularly like the pesky pigeons that fly over uninvited, perch upon my fence and leave their calling cards of poo. Nor am I enamoured with the squirrels that root around in my pots looking for whatever they’ve hidden, maybe even stealing my bulbs. But overall, to my mind, summer is the best season of the year.

The warmth of the sun, and the opportunity to bask in it, whether in my back garden or on holiday, gives me great pleasure. Yep. No season like it. I wonder if there are seasons in heaven, or whether days there are one long unadulterated summer. Now that would be something, wouldn’t it?


What’s your ideal pick-me-up (for when you feel like giving up)?

If I need a boost to my faith or my motivational level then I listen to videos on YouTube. My go-to speakers are Joel Osteen, Earl Nightingale, Jim Rohn and T D Jakes. After listening to them I never fail to come away encouraged, motivated or inspired.


Juice or Soda

Can’t I have both? No? Juice then!


What’s the meaning of your blog’s name?

Short version:

A Purpose-driven Achiever refers to myself and anyone else on a similar journey towards fulfilling our God-given purpose.

Longer version: (click here)


Pancakes or waffles?

I’ve never eaten a waffle in my life, so it definitely has to be pancakes. That being said, I can’t remember when last I had them. I do recall making pancakes for a dessert years ago, when I threw a dinner party and, in the early stages of my marriage, I made some, to celebrate Pancake Day.

Now that pancakes are on my radar, I’ve looked up when Shrove Tuesday occurs this year and made a note in my diary so that I can make some. It’s a time-consuming activity but I do like them.


What’s your favourite book or movie of all time?

When I first read this question I did wonder whether I’d be able to pick one. But this morning the answer came to me. It’s Sidney Sheldon’s If Tomorrow Comes.

I remember being blown away by the book. I also remember seeing the film, which I enjoyed, but nothing could compare to the book. I remember being mega-impressed with this author. Until now, I’d forgotten all about Sheldon, so think I’d like to get re-acquainted and perhaps read the book again.


Can you summarise (favourite book/movie) in one sentence?

Sorry – no can do!

I read this years and years ago. I’ve forgotten the plot but recall there was some totally unexpected and awful twist at the end. And I recall the impact it left upon me for quite some time after finishing it.

Yep! Definitely warrants me reading this again, just to see if it has the same effect upon me. Thanks for asking this question DaintyM!


What 3 things would you like to do before you die?

i) Have a dynamic speaking, teaching and writing ministry to women that has an international reach

ii) Achieve financial independence so I could hire a beautiful villa abroad and invite family members and close friends for an all-expenses paid holiday, in celebration of God’s goodness

iii) Win a writing award.


What’s your favourite song right now?

That would be track 5 from Handel’s Messiah – A Soulful Celebration (But Who May Abide the Day of His Coming). Listen!




If you were a superhero what would you do?

I’d give everyone in the world a heart that truly loved and adored God and was totally committed to him. That way, I believe the world will be a better place, people would be happier and live successful, purpose-driven (as opposed to fear-driven) lives.

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed writing these responses, I do hope visitors will enjoy reading my responses and feel they know a little bit more about the woman behind my blogger identity.


Here are my nominees (arranged in alphabetical order):

Recommended post: (click here)

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And here are my questions to the chosen nominees:

  1. Cinema or theatre? Why?
  2. Have you ever danced in the rain?
  3. Which could you tolerate – cockroaches or spiders?
  4. Where did you have your best holiday and why was it so?
  5. What is your happiest memory?
  6. Which is your best friend – diamonds or chocolate?
  7. If Mars became an affordable option in the not too distant future, would you ever move there?
  8. What advice would you give to a newbie blogger?
  9. If you survived a plane wreck and your life depended upon it, could you eat another human being?
  10. What is your latest achievement?
  11. What non-fiction book would you recommend and why?


And these are the rules:

Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.

  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
  • Notify the nominees about the challenge/award by commenting on one of their blog posts.
  • List the rules and display a Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or blog site.

Dear nominees, you are completely free of course to accept and respond to my challenge, or reject the award (I won’t hold it against you!) J

However, if you do accept this challenge, I thank you and would offer these flowers and chocolates as a token of my appreciation.

With love,


Carol (aka Lady Cee)

Sunshine Blogger & Author of: Petitions From My Heart

AMAZON UK – Print: click here; E-book: click here

AMAZON US – Print: click here;  E-book: click here




Did you enjoy reading this post? Please let me know in a comment box below. I’d really love to hear from you. And please do not hesitate to share this with your social media network.




14 thoughts on “My Kick-Start Post – 2020

  1. Thank you for the nomination! Great answers Btw, :).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jessy. Glad you like them. 😃


  2. It was fun reading more about you. Thank you very much for the nomination, like you I don’t typically accept awards. I am honored though and do thank you for thinking of me. Blessings to you! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem Joyroses. Thanks very much for reading my post and for your kind comment. 😃


  3. Thank you for remembering me and for the nomination..been fun reading your answers so i will work on that..🤗🤗🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank you michnavs. I look forward to reading your responses and learning more about you. Have fun! 😃

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Carol – thank you for the nomination and I loved reading your responses, particularly the super hero answer: “… people would be happier and live successful, purpose-driven (as opposed to fear-driven) lives.”

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Jacqueline. Always lovely to hear from you and I especially appreciate you taking the time to let me know which part spoke to you. And to hear that you enjoyed reading my responses makes the effort worthwhile.


  5. Dearest Carol, you are such a joy! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you’ve done to be an encouragement and a heart of hope and love for all of us. You are such a priceless gem and I’m eternally grateful to have come across you here in the blogosphere 😘

    Thank you so much for thinking of me as one of your nominations. I am genuinely honored. Please forgive me if I don’t get an award acceptance post up. I too don’t typically do them, although if I were to do any, I’d accept yours. For a good while now, I’ve been in a bad funk of wondering if I should keep writing for House Calls with Holly or just let it go. Same with my other blogs to be honest. The battle has been on with the inner critic, doubt, and feeling as though it just isn’t ‘up to par.’ I’ve been trying to get clarification from Holy Spirit on what to do. You know how that is… not wanting to make a hasty move until God says it’s done. 🙂

    Most of all, I want to say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS for getting your book published. Oh Carol, I am unbelievably excited for you. That is wonderful news. Your writing is an inspiration. You have only scratched the surface of the goodness of God being poured out into your life. I believe 2020 will bring with it more dreams fulfilled and hopes realized than you could ever imagine. For the God we serve is able to do exceedingly, abundantly beyond anything you could ever ask, think or imagine. He is good and I praise Him for His faithfulness in your life, precious sis. Happy New Year sweetie. The best is yet to come!

    All My Love Always,
    Holly 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Holly G,
      You are such an incredible boost to my morale. Through your kind words, I sense God’s affirmation of me as a writer and thank you so, so much for sparing the time to leave me this wonderful and super-encouraging response. This is yet another comment of yours that I shall be adding to my devotional folder along with two others left by you in the past, which I believe are prophetic and to which I turn to from time to time when I feel discouraged.
      Thank you also for your generous, heartfelt congratulations on the publication of my book.
      I have visited your blog (House Calls with Holly) a number of times and wondered why there were no new posts but put it down to busyness of life. It saddens me to think of you no longer sharing your encouragement and words of wisdom, which are much needed. For you to feel this blog is not “up to par” convinces me that you are the victim of the Enemy’s lies and false accusations.
      I visited your blog today to try and get some understanding as to why you feel this way. Your words below, so touched my heart.
      “For over 20 years, my passion, my call and my God given purpose has been serving the broken hearted, the confused, the lost and those that feel completely alone in this world. The love of God heals hearts. I’m living proof of that. It’s an unconditional love.”
      I’d hate to see you give up “House Calls with Holly”. The Body of Christ needs people like you, who are sensitive, compassionate, committed to, and in tune with God. With all the filth and perversion being released onto the internet we need positive and godly individuals to bring salt and light. And with all the broken people roaming around, your love ministry and prophetic insight is sorely needed. There are people out there in the blogosphere that only you can reach.
      Dear Holly, I pray God delivers you from your funk. Meanwhile, I would humbly suggest that you continue until you hear otherwise from the Holy Spirit.
      Sending you my love and very best wishes for 2020 as you continue to seek Him.
      The following Psalm came to my heart to share with you (Ps 20). Be encouraged dear Sister!
      Love Carol 
      NB: Remember you are God’s masterpiece!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dearest Carol,
        I nearly cried when I read this. You’ve touched my heart deeply with your words. Thank you sis! 🤗

        Hearing that Holy Spirit used me to speak life to you and into your dreams – I’m incredibly humbled and grateful. The devil is a liar and any discouragement he tries to send your way is a complete hoax. You are capable, called and divinely inspired by the Throne of Grace. Your words carry power and are never received lightly. You are a warrior and are tearing down strongholds for many of us, even in your own life. I praise God for the work He is doing in and through you and will continue to do for you. 🙏🏼

        I am keeping your words with me, dearest sis. I wish there were words powerful enough to describe my gratitude. I will continue meditating on Psalm 20. Thank you for being obedient to share yours and God’s heart with me. You are so very loved and so very special! Always know that you are never alone and are reaching lives everywhere you go! Everything you put your hands to will prosper in Jesus’ name!

        I’ve ordered your book and look forward to receiving it! 🙂

        All My Love Always,
        Holly 💕

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Dear Holly,
        Words fail me!
        Wow! Wow! and Wow! was my first response. I will leave it there. Except to say “thank you”, “thank you”, “thank you”, from the bottom of my heart for ordering my book. And to say that I shall be adding yet another message from you to my devotional folder so I can read your words again whenever need arises, and hear what God is saying both to me, and about me through you dear sister.
        I have pre-prayed over my book and for every individual who purchases it, so be expectant for your prayer life and spiritual authority to go to new heights (now I feel nervous – Lord back me up please! )
        Love and best wishes,

        Carol 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Dearest Sister Carol,

    Forgive my delay in reply to you! Holy Spirit reminded me this morning that I had not yet responded to your precious comment! I love when He prompts us to do what we had on our hearts and got sidetracked from doing (sigh) Don’t you? He’s way better than any planning calendar could be, haha!

    I LOVE your book and plan to write a review on Amazon in the near future for you. I do believe that your prayers have been honored for every person holding this labor of love to experience increase in their spiritual authority and prayer lives. It is absolutely beautiful what you’ve done. I believe with my whole heart that many many people will feel empowered in their relationship with Christ as they read these prayers. So many people don’t know how/what to pray and you are offering us the most beautiful Spirit-filled prayers, straight from the heart of God for us. Thank you Carol for writing this book. I believe many more books are in your God ordained future! 😘

    When I’m not praying in tongues, I am reading prayers from your book. As I sit here now, I am petitioning the Lord to increase the favor on your life, your ministry and the sales of your beautiful prayer book. I trust that His hand is on your career and your ministry as according to His Holy Word, EVERYTHING you put your hand to will prosper in the name of Jesus. You are the head and not the tail. The lender and not the borrower. Praying increase in your life, for every area of it. I still believe for you the best is yet to come. Lord, grant my sister the desires of her heart – because I know that YOU put them there. You don’t tease Lord – you only fulfill.

    You’re wonderful, dear sis. Never ever forget that. FATHER GOD ADORES YOU!!! My my my, He is so very pleased with you! 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Holly,

      Once again I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for purchasing my book.
      I have read and re-read your lovely comment above and only God could reveal how overjoyed and also humbled I feel at your words. It is truly a compliment that you have not only read Petitions From My Heart but are continuing to use it.
      I look forward to reading your review in due course and thank you for having it upon your heart to take this further step to support me. It is much, much, appreciated.
      Thank you for your prayers, your words and generosity of spirit towards me. Words fail me!
      With love and appreciation,


      Liked by 1 person

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