Book Review: UNBRIDLED


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“The only real conflict you will ever have in your life won’t be with others, but with yourself.”
Shannon L. Alder


Have you ever been misunderstood? Landed on the wrong side of someone who misinterpreted your silence, misjudged your intentions, or mistook failure to act within their desired timescale, for disapproval or disrespect?

Today’s post is a review I wrote a few years ago yet never posted because offence drew two bloggers into its embrace. My prayer is that God will use this post to redress any unintentional offence caused on my side.



Dear readers, if you love poetry or creative writing then check out the following:


Unbridled by Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

There is no doubt in my mind that the author of these poems is talented. Whenever a writer’s offering causes me to pause or moves me to marvel, whenever that individual paints a vivid image on the canvas of my mind and breathes resurrection life into clichéd scenarios, I know I’m connecting with the heart of a gifted writer.

This collection of poetic insights offers the reader an engaging variety of delectable soul smoothies, and photographic stills of beautiful memories.

But be warned!

Some snapshots are uncompromising in their revelations and uses provocative language which startles and may even offend. However, they are necessary—for the worlds they expose are ugly, twisted and tragic.

Now if you are looking for poems that paint life as though it were a sweet, uncomplicated sonnet then you’ll be disappointed! But if you are ready to be taken on a journey into a world of abuse and misuse, if you are prepared to peek behind the curtains of pain and shame, if you can gaze at uncompromising scenarios of sexual passion or perverted exploitation, then Ms Oby Ikocha’s second collection of poems will not disappoint.

Review: by Carol Hind (aka Ladycee)



For Ms Oby Ikocha’s debut book of poems Out of The Silent Breath click here where you can also read my review.









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