It Is Finished!



Beginning in itself has no value, it is an end which makes beginning meaningful, we must end what we begun.
Amit Kalantri

Starting something can be easy, it is finishing it that is the highest hurdle.
Isabella Poretsis

Whatever it takes to finish things, finish. You will learn more from a glorious failure than you ever will from something you never finished.
Neil Gaiman


It is finished!

Does the above sentence ring a bell?

Now, if you are a born-again Christian, or are familiar with John’s gospel in the New Testament, you will be familiar with these three words.

They formed the triumphant cry of Christ, as he hung upon the cross (John 19:30). Jesus had come to the earth for a purpose and now that purpose had been achieved.

My Easter reflections on the Passion of Christ, and the Thanks Fest blog challenge undertaken in May this year (see Day 12), brought home to me how important it is to be a finisher.

In the past, I’ve not had a good record when it came to finishing.

I’ve begun home study courses but not completed them. There are knitting and sewing projects which remain unfinished. And there are books I’ve started to read but for one reason or another, I’ve not continued to the end.

My track record did not fill me with confidence for finishing future projects. And so when I started to write a book and it took for ever to be completed, these unfinished projects stalked within my consciousness and scoffed. They fully expected to welcome my manuscript into the fold… into that portfolio of unfinished business.

But then I remembered that I’d started a degree course and completed it, earning myself a Bachelor of Arts Honours certificate. And I also recalled how I began my walk with the Lord some decades ago and today, I’m still walking with Him.

And so I persevered.

Despite difficulties, disappointments and discouragement, I’ve finally achieved my longstanding dream of becoming a published author. Yay! And double Yay!

Do check out my book at Amazon.

Meanwhile, I’ll be lying back upon my imaginary chaise longue basking in the golden aura of achievement. Praise God!

With love,



(aka Lady Cee)


PS: Do you have problems finishing a long-term project? If you would value some advice and encouragement on how to keep going, here’s a short article which may help.



What do you do to keep yourself going when the going gets tough? Do you have a tip you can share? If so, please let us know in a comment box below.


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4 thoughts on “It Is Finished!

  1. Congratulations Carol – that’s wonderful news! Will it also be published as a e-book (kindle)? I would love to read it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Conversationcat. Yes I will be doing so eventually – hopefully towards the end of this year.
      And thank you so much for your good wishes. 😊


      1. Hi Conversationcat,
        You may be interested to know that there is now a Kindle version of my book available.
        I can’t promise that the layout will offer as nice a reading experience as the print version because I was a little hasty and impatient about uploading it and I am not sure certain elements look effective in the digital version. I plan to look at this again in the New Year so I can offer an updated version I am totally happy with.
        Best wishes,


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