Today’s Inspiration — Simply Etta

via Today’s Inspiration — Simply Etta

6 thoughts on “Today’s Inspiration — Simply Etta

    1. Hi Heather,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. Out of interest was there any particular aspect that spoke to or challenged you?


  1. Yes the blaming others piece instead of taking responsibility stood out to me. I grew up in a broken home with an abusive father and blamed my poor decisions on him instead of taking responsibility for myself when I got out on my own. Unfortunately too many of us go through things beyond our control. But we still shouldn’t live in blame of others for the decisions we make and use it as an excuse for bad behavior.

    Also another one that stood out is a current challenge: setting and following through with goals. If we don’t manage our time, it will disappear before we know it. I don’t want to leave behind missed opportunities but instead be intentional with with the time I have here on earth.

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    1. Hello Heather,
      Apologies for this belated response. I only saw your reply today.
      Thank you for reading this post and engaging with its message. And I love what you’ve written. You are a woman after my own heart and I pray you will succeed in your endeavours.
      Don’t be a stranger. Please call (and comment) again.

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  2. A great infographic. I’m going to share this.

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    1. Thank you Jacqueline – although the credit goes to Simply Etta. 🙂


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