A Valuable Masterpiece!


We are God’s workmanship – a creative poem! (Ephesians 2:10)

You are God’s treasure,

A priceless pearl,

A creative masterpiece!

Do you think a work of art ceases to be so just because critics or the general public disagree about its worth and value, or provenance?

Don’t let the critics in your life pull you down from the place to which God has elevated you. Don’t let them devalue you.

God has already determined your worth – so accept his evaluation and get into agreement with him!

You are His masterpiece!


Carol ♥♥



CREDIT: the above CCO images come courtesy of Pixabay.com



9 thoughts on “A Valuable Masterpiece!

  1. I actually had time to visit your blog today and ran into this post. Just what I needed to read at this particular moment in time. The stark reminder that what God has given me and has allowed me to accomplish is indeed a “Masterpiece” regardless of who adversely judges. I shall be encouraged with that lone. Thanks my blogging friend and hope you are doing well:-)

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    1. Dear Chanel,

      Thank you for passing by and I’m so glad God was able to use one of my posts to encourage you. That has blessed me to hear that. Truly you are a masterpiece and need no approval from man. Nice to have man’s approval but I’m so glad I don’t need need it to authenticate me as a person.
      Thank you for your promised visit and encouraging comment.

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  2. Great post Carol 😊. I loved it so much !! Hugs to you dear friend 🤗❤️

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    1. Thanks for reading and leaving your comment.

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      1. You are welcome Carol 😊. How are you ?

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      2. Hello Abhijith,
        Apologies for the delayed response.
        Thank you for asking! I am busy and distracted with things in my personal life, otherwise I am well.
        I trust you and your loved ones are good and flourishing! 😃

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      3. It’s ok Carol 😊. Sometimes I get busy too. Everything’s good here actually 😇, except the consistent rain that’s being pouring throughout the day

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      4. Oh what a shame. I’m pleased to say I am sitting in my garden enjoying a little sunshine. 😊

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      5. Ya that’s great 😊✨

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