Are You Fluent in God-speak?


Hello lovely readers!

It’s a little while since I posted something in response to a Daily Post prompt.  Those who are familiar with this blog will know that I do not choose to participate every day, or even within the same time-frame that the prompt was posted. I use this feature as a means of practicing my writing, without feeling the pressure to produce something every day. I hope what I’ve written inspires you but if not, perhaps you’ll at least enjoy reading what I have to say.



The Daily Post – Daily Word Prompt: CONVERSATION

I believe the very first conversation recorded in the Bible took place between the three members of the Godhead.  We hear God speaking to his illustrious partners: let us make man in our image.

Dear people, did you get that? We are made in God’s image!

I think that’s pretty cool. In fact more than cool, it’s amazing.


Because God is super-creative. Just look at nature. Consider creation in all its glory. And think about the workings of the human body. Now since we have been made in God’s image, I believe this means we are a chip off the old block! No disrespect or irreverence intended.

So, returning to the first recorded conversation in the Bible, let’s look at the context in which it occurs.

The earth was without form and void. It was dark. There was no life.

Did this flummox our Father-God? No way! He and his co-labourers create an ideal world for us humans and then he creates us. And since we are created in his image, do you know what I think this means?

Let me tell you.

It means that whatever circumstances we may find ourselves in, we can create a solution.

Is there darkness? Emptiness? Unfruitfulness?

Then as purpose-driven achievers, we can take God’s Word and we can speak to, or over our circumstances, we can speak to or over ourselves and we can experience a dramatic change for the better.

So dear reader, let me encourage you today. Where there is darkness in your life (lack of insight or fear), be bold. Speak. Say to yourself, or to your circumstances: Let there be light! Let there be godly wisdom and insight.

Purpose-driven believer, we do not have to accept and live with less than ideal circumstances. Yes, life dishes up its problems and hardships, but we can exercise our authority in Christ and reign over those circumstances—not let those circumstances reign over us.

We can take the sceptre of change and determine whether we develop, grow, achieve and succeed (despite any battles or opposition we might face), and we can enjoy the abundant life, the successful life God meant us to enjoy and for which Christ died, in order that we might enjoy.

So, next time the Enemy accuses or confuses you, next time you feel tempted to throw in the towel, next time you feel thwarted or discouraged, draw on your father’s God’s creative DNA, look for a solution, have faith in your abilities, take courage and then ACT!

After all, the Word of God says: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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6 thoughts on “Are You Fluent in God-speak?

  1. I always keep to my faith and begin and end each day with prayer. BLessings to you.


    1. Hello – thank you reading my post and contributing your comment which is appreciated.


  2. Peter Adewumi 19/03/2018 — 3:08 am

    If you will agree with me, we have been made a co-cteator with God. God has transferred the work of creation to us. Hence/we need to wake up – there are more inventions to be made, there are note lands to be discovered and so on So forth.


    1. Hello Peter,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I believe that we are co-labourers with God. And I definitely agree that there is no limit to what we can achieve, discover and invent since we carry God’s creative genes.
      Thank you so much for reading and contributing to the discussion. It is always a pleasure to have you come visit.


      1. Peter Adewumi 19/03/2018 — 8:50 pm

        You’re welcome. When God has breathed


      2. Peter Adewumi 19/03/2018 — 8:51 pm

        When God breathed in us, He has transferred everything He is into us, we only need to discover ourselves.

        Liked by 1 person

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