Our Daily Progress Towards Destiny




Today’s actions determine tomorrow’s destiny.

(Quote taken from the following blog post. 



When I read the above quote today it reminded me that my dreams, goals and vision require diligence.



What are you doing TODAY to advance your dream?




2 thoughts on “Our Daily Progress Towards Destiny

  1. To answer your question: scheduling. When I don’t schedule time for my creative work, other tasks tend to crowd it out. It’s best for me if I put the schedule in writing (on real paper) where I can see it. Thanks for asking!

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  2. Hello JoAnna,
    Thank you so much for following my blog, reading this post and engaging with its content. I know what you mean about making time for creative work. You sound like you are quite diligent. I need to take a leaf out of your book and make planning/scheduling a regular practice.


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