My Passion Fatigue

Hello people,

For a little while now I’ve been suffering from “passion fatigue”. I’ve written about my ailment and thought I’d share the post with you all over here, since I believe much of what I had to say could be pertinent to someone who follows, or visits this blog, who is committed to pursuing their passion, achieving their dreams, discovering their God-ordained purpose.

Let me know if anything in this post resonates with you. You can leave a comment in the box below. Seriously! I’d appreciate your feedback.

Women of Warfare! (WOW!)

I’ve not written in my writing journal since 1stJuly.

I’ve not worked on my project since 30th June.

I’ve not been actively writing on my two blogs.

I’ve been lackadaisical for 15 days – possibly longer!

Even today, I didn’t feel like doing anything. Didn’t feel like pursuing my passion. Didn’t feel like writing.

At the back of my mind, I’ve known I should push past this feeling and just get on and do. I know when I put my mind to it that inertia flees and the interest returns. Even now as I write, I sense the spark of enthusiasm igniting. And, strange though it may sound, even my fingers feel exhilarated, as they move across the keyboard. I’m back – just like that!

So what kept me away?


At least that’s part of the story.

The other part is that the Enemy is at work…

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4 thoughts on “My Passion Fatigue

  1. I think sometimes you just need rest. We are all human. Taking a break is a good thing. Even God rested after 7 days. God has ordained sleep and rest as necessary for our survival and ability to function therefore the Prophet Elijah had to rest. Americans seem to believe that they must barrel through every project like a freight train. I can get just as much inspiration resting in bed, walking through the park, laying on the beach or enjoying a garden. Unless an activity is vital to my survival and good health If I don’t feel like doing something I don’t. It will still be there tomorrow.

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    1. Hello dancingpalms,
      I totally agree that we should take our rest and thank you for reminding me of this. Even though I hadn’t been writing much, I have been recording lots of ideas in my phone and notebook. And I’ve also been enjoying the unusually hot weather we’ve been having here in the UK by sitting in my garden.
      There are times though when doing things only when I feel like it, can be a hindrance to achieving my goals or an excuse for not doing something I could or should be doing, especially as I can quite often not feel in the mood.
      Of course I always hope and believe there will be a tomorrow but I don’t feel tomorrow is always guaranteed.
      Thank you so much for reading and leaving me your comment. Appreciated.

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  2. Hot here in New York also. I have found that sometimes writing posts in advance and scheduling them for a Future date helps. This hand WordPress function has helped me. Also gives me time to go back and revise if needed.

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    1. Thank you dancing palms for the suggestion. Have a blessed week and enjoy the good weather! 😃

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