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My Thinking Corner

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In today’s session, I’d like to look at what Dorothy Rowe, a leading psychologist, refers to as the ‘Successful Self’.

The blurb on her book of the same title, begins as follows:

Is it possible to be truly successful as a person? Or must we, as most of us do, continue to live our lives feeling in some way trapped and oppressed, frustrated, irritable, haunted by worries and regrets, creating misery for ourselves and others?

Today, I will be sharing several statements made within Rowe’s book, which I hope will provide food for thought, encourage self-evaluation and inspire self-improvement.

  • Real success, that success which does not turn eventually into emptiness and lonely bitterness, is based upon the creation of the Successful Self. Such a creation is possible for all of us.


  • A Successful Self is not a state of being which once achieved is ours forever. It is always a mode of being and becoming, a journey of continual discovery.


  • The Successful Self feels valuable, self-accepting and self-confident.


  • Success makes our self-confidence expand. Failure makes our self-confidence shrivel.


  • The Successful Self has created a life story without the gaps and inconsistencies which inhibit and cripple, and which goes forward in courage and hope.


I have deliberately not elaborated on the above statements because my aim today is for you dear reader to do the thinking, to consider the above statements in relation to your own life, to decide whether you agree or disagree, to explore Rowe’s rationale further if need be and determine how you will use the above information.

Thoughts are free from toll – William Camden


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Dorothy Rowe’s book may be purchased at Amazon (follow the link):

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9 thoughts on “Subscribe to Your Successful Self

  1. I should read this book.

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    1. This is so odd Jacqueline. I thought I’d responded to this comment. It’s quite an old book. I think there are better ones out there.
      Have a blessed day!

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      1. I’ve seen many comments pop up on my timeline from months before.

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      2. I don’t know what’s been going on. For the past 2 months or so when I try to leave comments I am told that I am using an email address that I am not signed in. I am not. I’ve even been told that I am not signed into my WordPress account. I am!
        Whatever I do it refuses to recognise me or accept my comments. I have been left feeling frustrated and angry in the end and had to give in. The joys of blogging!


  2. Great post. These quotes are good ones that could be explored more in my journal! I really liked the last one about creating a life without inconsistencies…. Have a great week!!! ~Shell

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    1. Thank you Shell for reading and commenting. I appreciate you taking the time. I agree with you about that last quote and believe it is a good aim – to seek to free ourselves from that which cripples or inhibits, to move forward in life with courage and hope.
      Have a blessed and productive week Shell.

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  3. Great post! I came over from Jacqueline’s blog. It is good meeting you.

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    1. Hello Eugenia. Thank you so much for stopping by. Likewise – I’m pleased to meet you.


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