How Are You Using Your Gift of Imagination?

You will always move in the direction of your strongest and most dominant thought.


One of the most beautiful gifts God has given you is your mind. There are two major functions of your mind. One is your memory, the other is your imagination. Both are God-given gifts that can help or hurt you. Your memory will photograph, file and replay pictures of your past. Your imagination, on the other hand, creates and preplays pictures of things you want to happen in your future.

Dream Seeds – Mike Murdock



Where are your thoughts focused – in the past, or towards the future?


Purpose-driven believers and dream achievers – enjoy an abundantly blessed and productive week!


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4 thoughts on “How Are You Using Your Gift of Imagination?

  1. Imagination is indeed the best gift. I agree with you. Nice post

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    1. Hello navvirk. Thank you for your feedback, for reading and leaving your comment, which is appreciated.

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  2. Very true! Imagination is a gift we need to use positively. Unfortunately we tend to imagine the worst and thus our lives never progress!

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    1. Hello dear Kato. Thank you for passing by and leaving me your comment. Yes I have been guilt of using my imagination negatively. That’s why it is so important for us to encourage one another.
      God bless and thank you once again for contributing to this discussion.


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