Warning! Your Words Will Determine Your Life’s Course

The Daily Post – Daily Word Prompt: PROPHECY

The following is a post based around an old Daily Post Word Prompt. I hope you will enjoy reading, as well as gain something that will encourage or motivate you in your own life.

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Did you know that the words you speak to yourself and over your life on a regular basis can become a self-fulfilling prophecy? When I first learned this, I was dismayed. Why? Because for years, decades even, I‘d been speaking negatively over myself and over my life. And when I learned this valuable truth, I realised the problem I’d been facing for most of my life, was not perpetual bad luck, not constant ill fortune, but mainly my own fault. The problem was located one or two inches below my nose—yep! My unruly mouth!

“If you don’t choose your daily words wisely, negative words wouldn’t hesitate to choose a painful future for you.” Edmond Mbiaka

You see, I had taken to speaking constantly about the bad things that happened to me, or the bad things I believed would take place. And guess what? It usually did! No surprise really, seeing I had given life to them through my negative prophecies. And then when these things happened, I felt justified. See? What did I say? Did I not tell you so and so was going to happen? And so it went on.

Speaking to myself, conversing with my loved ones, describing negative scenarios about what I believed would happen in the future, re-hashing what had happened in the past, created a negative cycle. And so my world would go on and on in this ever revolving circle of undesirable events—contrary to my hopes and dreams—resulting in despair, disappointment, discouragement; despair, disappointment, discouragement. It seemed I was doomed and my life, my future doomed to more of the same.

The Word of God tells us that “death and life are in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21 NKJV). That means I have the power to determine whether my life follows a course of death, or a course of life. That power lies within my tongue. It lies within what I choose to say with my mouth. It lies within my choice of words.

It’s been a hard lesson. But a necessary one. When you have spent decades speaking negatively, it is not easy to re-train yourself to do the opposite. But do it I must. Do it I will. And so I decided. No more self-fulfilling prophecies of the unwanted kind. I choose to speak life, prosperity, victory and success. Does that mean bad things will not happen to me at all? Of course not! But the propensity for my life to revolve around a cycle that’s predominantly bad, will ultimately change.

So, bed of roses, here I come. Ouch! I completely forgot that these blessed roses have thorns!



Purpose-driven achievers and believers – have an abundantly blessed week.

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8 thoughts on “Warning! Your Words Will Determine Your Life’s Course

  1. Sis, great job on this prompt! I am guilty of having spoke negative words in the past. Then I read “I Declare” and “Crash the Chatterbox” by Osteen and Furtick respectively and they helped me understand the power of the tongue. Thanks for sharing these thoughts! I am reminded to evaluate and ensure I am not doing any of these things today and that I am speaking life over myself continually! ~Shell

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    1. Hello Shell. Thanks for stopping by and for leaving your comment, which is always appreciated.
      Yes. I have to remind myself everyday to speak in line with God’s Word and Will and, now that you’ve mentioned books on the subject, I must see if I can re-read 2 excellent books that have inspired me – “Does Your Tongue Need Healing?” by Derek Prince and “The Tongue – A Creative Force” by Charles Capps.
      Hope you and your loved ones are well. Have a blessed week! 🙂

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      1. I will add these books to my reading list. It’s getting long! Have a great day!

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    2. Ok Shell. I am not sure what happened because I have already replied to this comment yet it has not loaded, so apologies if you receive this twice!
      Firstly, it’s good to hear from you. I hope you and your loved ones are well.
      Secondly, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. It is appreciated.
      Thirdly, yes – I can relate. Everyday I have to remind myself to speak God’s Word and Will over myself and loved ones. Now that you have mentioned books on the subject, I think I should re-read two excellent books regarding the tongue – “Does Your Tongue Need Healing?” by Derek Prince and “The Tongue – a Creative Force” by Charles Capps. Highly recommended.
      God bless you Shell and have a victorious week!

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  2. bluejewelette 13/02/2017 — 12:53 am

    Very well written. Continue to fufill God’s legacy. We all must speak life into us. As long as our words and heart are sufficient towards God the impossible will never be the same. For with God all things are possible.
    Wonderful topic. Continue to let God use you.

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    1. Thank you so much bluejewelette. That is so encouraging to hear that. And thank you for reading and leaving your precious comment. Have a blessed week.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. bluejewelette 13/02/2017 — 10:16 pm

        Thank you for writing this beautiful post. And you have a blessed week as well 🙏🌸

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