The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Faces of Longing

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 Many of you will be familiar with the Daily Post prompts. I do not choose to participate every day, or even within the same time-frame that the prompt was posted.

This is a new feature to my blog simply because as a purpose-driven achiever, I would like to improve my creative writing ability and this WordPress feature allows me to do so without feeling the pressure to produce something every day.

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The Daily Post – Daily Word Prompt: LONGING 


It’s a word that has the very sense of yearning and earnest desire about it—don’t you think? I have lots of longings. I’ve had longings that have been fulfilled and I have longings yet to come to pass.

Take the time I was walking on Finchley Road in London with my friends. There was a posh travel agents that we passed and in the display window I could see an open brochure or poster, showing what looked to be the most beautiful place on earth. I learned that it was the Seychelles.

I did not know that it was a place that people considered to be a dream holiday destination. I just knew that as I looked at this seemingly idyllic place, the blue, blue sky and turquoise waters, the palm trees and powder-white sandy beach, I wanted to go there. No. I longed to go there.

I decided there and then that if I ever got married that was where I wanted to go for my honeymoon. Well afterwards when I checked into the costs of going to such a place and saw that it would cost about a million times more than a holiday to say Spain, I held onto the dream in my heart but felt it was unrealistic. I believed it was a longing that would not be fulfilled.

Years later, when my fiancé asked me where I wanted to go for our honeymoon, I mentioned my longstanding dream but quickly added: “I know it’s impossible, it’s very expensive.” Well dear reader, I could not have been more surprised by his generous response! He agreed, we planned and we went. And it was beautiful and even better than I had imagined.


Long held dreams.

The Seychelles was a longing that became fulfilled. And later, when I think about my other ‘impossible’ dreams, I thank God. Because I know he is in the business of making dreams come true. Particularly, if he has placed those dreams in our heart in the first place.

And so it encourages me when I think about my other dreams, which requires a miracle for them to happen. Although I might not be able to see how that dream, how that longing could come to pass, I need not worry. I just need to leave it in the hands of my loving Father God and leave the logistics, leave the actualisation of those dreams, leave my longings in his most capable hands—the hands upon which I am inscribed (so my Bible tells me – see Isaiah 49:16)—inscribed so that he never forgets me and because he celebrates me!


It can be a beautiful thing but it can also be a destructive thing. Like longing for something unfeasible. I think of the protagonist in Toni Morrison’s book: The Bluest Eye. This child is a poor, black girl who has noticed she is not favoured by her school teacher and class peers. She observes however, that a white girl with blond hair and blue eyes is popular and very much the favourite.

And because she is not loved at home (she is verbally and physically abused), and because she is not accepted or celebrated at school, she longs to have blue eyes. She believes if she has blue eyes, she will be favoured. She will be loved. She will be acceptable. She will be a person. She will no longer suffer the pain and shame of ill-treatment, or mockery, or rejection, or ridicule.

And so this girl prays to God whom she believes is able to do anything. She prays and whilst she waits for her miracle, she longs and longs and longs until it becomes an obsession. But her prayer is not answered, frustrating her longing and disappointing her desire.

To the reader, her longing is foolish and sad and painful. And we feel for her and feel her longing and feel the pain she undergoes, as she obsesses over this unrealistic desire.

LONGING. It can be a thing of joy, or a source of deep pain.

Purpose-driven believers and dream achievers, what are your longings? Have you had a long-held desire fulfilled? Please share with the PDA community in the comment box below – you never know who needs that encouragement!


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7 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Faces of Longing

  1. I love this! Thank you for the new perspective. One of my biggest longings is for freedom in Christ; to live for Him and to not worry and to always know when He wants me to do something, or not to do something. I know that He will fulfill this in His own timing and His own way, and help me to draw near to Him.

    I also (on a materialistic level) want to become a famous writer. I love to imagine being one of the bestselling authors of this time, making a lot of money, and having my dream life. God gave me a love and enjoyment of literature, both by reading and creating it, and I know He will have me use it someday for His glory in whatever way He knows is best.

    I also recently lost a dream: being with the guy I really loved and cared about. But, throughout that loss, I realized that I gained so much more: the start of an amazing relationship with the Lord; one I truly desire. My eyes were opened and I felt a true longing for the Lord, and realized that guys don’t matter as much as He does.

    I’m just going to trust in Him and entrust my longings to Him, because I’m certain that everything will turn out better than I could have ever imagined.

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    1. Hello Anne, what a wonderful response. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and longings. I can relate to your desire to be recognised as a famous writer and I don’t think it is a materialistic dream or longing. I have a similar dream – to be a successful, prolific and published writer. May our longings be fulfilled! 😃

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are very welcome. Hopefully, both of our dreams will be fulfilled, even if it’s in a way we aren’t expecting! I have faith that they will, I just don’t yet know how or when. I’ll be happy with whatever God gives me, though, and will continue with my blog, because you never know what He will do with it!

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      2. Great attitude to have Ann.


  2. My longing is still in progress. I have not seen its full development but continue to hold fast that it will come to past. I do feel impatient at times but feel confident that I am doing all that I can and must. It’s time to just let the SuperNatural do what I simply can’t…

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    1. Thank you for sharing Chanel. May the wait prove highly rewarding for you once it comes.

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