Five Minute Friday: Unite

Hello PDA followers and visitors.

Some of you will be aware that I have another blog (Women of Warfare!). At this blog I participate in a blog event called Five-minute-Friday. Following last Friday’s prompt UNITE (follow link to read my perspective), I came across the following post from Marie Gregg.
Her message deals with intolerance and pride – something that I feel can easily become an issue in our lives as writers, as dream-achievers, as purpose-driven believers pursuing success.
I loved this young lady’s perspective on this prompt and felt you might enjoy reading it also. I pray that with the help of God’s Holy Spirit, you will allow this message to speak into and regulate your life. Enjoy!

Along the Way

Along the Way @ (2)

Gentle Reader,

I did it. I typed “untie” instead of “unite,” just as I knew I would.

Kate asks us to ponder this deep word tonight.


Arrogance is the enemy of unity.

There’s no such thing as simple disagreement anymore. So often discussions dissolve into grudge-matches, winner take all. Sycophants take the place of friends. The teeming, scraping diversity of life is replaced with an echo chamber. We surround ourselves with others who are too afraid to challenge, too afraid to question.

Too afraid to be themselves.

Pride clouds our vision. We fail to see our own shortcomings. We hone in on the insecurity of those around us. We pick, we prod, we poke. We tear down.

We think we’re smarter than we really are.

I am fearful tonight. Or perhaps weary and wary are better words. In this age of “tolerance” it becomes ever-more acceptable to be blatantly…

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