You Didn’t Come This Far to Only Come This Far

Have you ever felt like giving up on your dream? I know I have.


It is all too easy when you’re feeling discouraged, hurt, tired, or uninspired to want to throw in the towel. Or if you face obstacle after obstacle after obstacle, you might wonder whether the prize (the realisation of your dream) is really worth all the effort, the heartache, the pushing through. And, if your efforts do not appear to be appreciated or celebrated, you might wonder whether there is any point in continuing with what you are doing, or are seeking to achieve. Perhaps even, the voices of opposition, of nay-sayers and dream-squashers have infiltrated your mind and thoughts and may even begin to cause you to concur with their opinions!

That’s why it’s vital to have a supportive community around you. It’s important to have people who will speak a positive word into your life. And it can be invaluable, when that key word is spoken at the right time. I read a post this week from a very switched-on young lady, whose words of wisdom belie her years. I just had to reblog this post and I trust it will be a timely word of encouragement and inspiration to many of you.

Purpose-driven believers and dream achievers, I wish you all a blessed and victorious week!

There are many ways to determine the importance of a moment. To me, one of the best ways is to consider how long the moment stays with you after it happens. There was a small moment I experienced a few weeks ago which seemed insignificant at the time, yet it constantly drifts in and out of my thoughts.

I was at the gym with my friend, taking a kickbox cardio class. Near the end of the class, the instructor said something that stuck with me: “You didn’t come this far to only come this far.” I’d seen the quote on Pinterest before, but it was different hearing it in that moment, when I was exhausted and sweaty and willing the clock to go faster so the class would be over. I had worked hard during the class, and I hearing that quote made me realize that I didn’t put in…

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6 thoughts on “You Didn’t Come This Far to Only Come This Far

  1. The link didn’t work to the original post, or maybe it’s just my computer. But I LOVE the quote! Thanks!

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    1. Thanks for letting me know Dawn. I thought they all worked when I checked. I must have missed one.


    2. Dawn, I have checked again. It must be your computer. Sorry! 😦

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  2. Thanks for your kind words and for sharing my post! I’m so, so glad it resonated with you 🙂

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    1. You are welcome Sherina. Sorry my comment was so long. Should probably have just sent url to my post instead. Still learning! Thank you so much for following me. Totally unexpected and most appreciated.


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