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Blogging 101 – Exercise 4 (identifying my ideal audience)

My ideal readership falls into 2 camps. Both camps comprise of those who are teachable. Within the first camp, my ideal reader is:

  • a committed Christian who hungers for deeper intimacy with Christ
  • someone seeking greater conformity to Christ’s character
  • an individual pursuing consistent and ongoing success regarding God’s pre-ordained purpose.

The other camp relates to those who are not Christians… those who are genuinely searching for both a revelation of and, a relationship with God. They are individuals who are seeking to know the meaning and purpose of their lives.

And within both these camps, there is a further group of people who feel devastated by what life has thrown at them. They have been so trampled by circumstances, they have almost stopped believing that anything good will happen to them… that meaningful opportunities will come their way… that cherished dreams can become reality.

I tailor my blog and craft each post towards these three groups of people. I write in the hope that my words will touch a deep cord within the hearts of this target audience. I write, trusting my posts will inspire, or revive any flagging spirits within the circle of my readership community.

Dear ideal reader, I pray my blog will encourage and equip you to become a purpose-driven achiever. If you are new to this blog, please take a moment to acquaint yourself with me the author, and with the ethos of this site by reading my About and Intro pages). But if you are already familiar with the focus of my writings and you know anyone within your circle of influence that could benefit from my posts, please do not hesitate to share and spread the word.

Returning to the subject of my ideal audience, I must add that my target readership will be appreciative of the time taken to write my posts. They are therefore supportive and demonstrate this with their comments and likes. May I therefore take this opportunity to encourage your participation? Would you grant me and other readers the honour of engaging in discourse? If you enjoyed reading my post could you let me know? If you agree with a post can you say why, or is there something further you wish to add? Did something I say resonate with you? Have my words triggered a memory? Have you read a helpful book, appropriate to the topic of my post, which you can flag up to this community?

Finally, my ideal readership comprises those who are kingdom trailblazers. At present, they may not look like the world’s definition of success from the outside, however, they have great potential within them. They are committed to developing their potential, to pursuing their purpose. I believe that through courage, patience and persistence these individuals can achieve greatness, they can fulfil their God-given destiny.

Now because this exercise requires me to include an element I have never used before in my posts, I close with an embedded video, which I trust will inspire you on your journey as a purpose-driven achiever.



4 thoughts on “Reader appeal

  1. I love that your target audience also includes non Christians as well as Christians. I am a huge fan of your writing style and I think you have such a powerful way of writing that is totally engaging, informative and thought provoking. I truly look forward to your posts. On that note I don’t seem to get email notifications when you post – is there somewhere I can click on to do that?

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    1. Hi, thank you so much for your complimentary comment. As always it is highly appreciated. You are a huge encouragement to me.
      As for the email notification I am not sure what has been happening with this site as my posts do not appear in the reader. I am trying to get to the bottom of it. That is why I’ve started to put details of my posts on the WoW! site. Will that do for the time being?Now I’m concerned becos if you are not then it would seem other followers are not. I will check my WP admin again in case it is my fault. Thank you for letting me know.


  2. Ladycee I endorse your opinion and the wonderful thoughts you have put here. Also the video.


  3. Dear Shiva,
    Thank you for your encouraging endorsement. I am so glad you watched the video. I am not always sure that people do, which makes me sad as I do seek out material to help, encourage and inspire my visitors.


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