Carol’s Seasonal Greetings

CC0 Public Domain -
CC0 Public Domain –


Dear fellow dream-achievers, followers and friends,

My sincere thanks to you all for your kind support over the past few months. Every visit, post read and comment or like received has been most appreciated.

I send warmest greetings to you all and wish you happiness, joy, and peace over the coming seasonal break.

My gift to you can be found at the following link:

I believe you will be blessed by it. And, if you do enjoy this gesture of appreciation, please feel free to pop over to my other blog (Women of Warfare!)  where there is another seasonal greeting and link.  I’m sure it will equally bless you.

Wishing you a wonderful festive season with your family and friends.

With love,


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3 thoughts on “Carol’s Seasonal Greetings

  1. I love the look and feel of both your sites…they are clean, easy to navigate and I am so jealous! As a visitor, I feel really comfortable. Where in the world do you find the pictures you use to illustrate your posts? they are perfect!

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    1. Dear @donnamac2804
      Thank you so much for your wonderful generous-hearted comment. There is a big big smile on my face. Thank you!
      That’s so wonderful to hear that my sites make you feel comfortable. Please make yourself at home and drop by often.
      My images are all from They are in the public domain and require no credit or attribution. Lately I have included this info beneath the images so readers may know their origin. I highly recommend the site for their high quality free images.
      Small tip – if you don’t want to pay for your images don’t use the first line of photos that present themselves. You will notice a watermark behind those images and they come from sites that require payment. Once you find one you like just click on it so it enlarges then right click to save to your computer. Happy hunting! Go visit and spruce up your site for free. 😃

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