Discovering Your Purpose

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I believe that God has put gifts and talents and ability on the inside of every one of us. When you develop that and you believe in yourself and you believe that you’re a person of influence and a person of purpose, I believe you can rise up out of any situation.

Joel Osteen


What is my purpose? Have you asked yourself this question? If so, did you receive a satisfactory answer, or are you still in the dark?

I believe that at some point in our lives, God drops that purpose into our hearts. I believe that even from an early age, without being aware of it, we can find ourselves enacting an element of this purpose, or we can display the beginnings of our God-given calling.

As a young person I loved to teach.  I would help my younger siblings with their homework, hold play classes, and even taught 2 of my sisters how to touch-type.  By the time they arrived at secondary school they were proficient and were streets ahead of their fellow class-mates.  It made them feel good and I felt proud that I’d not only been instrumental in making them shine, I had also equipped them with a valuable skill.

Through my help, these sisters had developed their potential.  They didn’t just watch me and say: I’d like to type one day.  They listened to and obeyed my instructions and they practiced. Gradually they improved until one day they became proficient enough to stand head and shoulders above their classmates. Potential.

Similarly, if we want to discover what we’ve been put on this earth to do and, if we wish to develop our potential, we can engage the assistance of one who is eminently qualified. The Holy Spirit, who has been sent alongside us to be our helper, knows God’s plan for our lives. He is able to reveal to us our Father’s pre-ordained purpose. He is able to teach and equip usbut whether we actually develop our potential and fulfil our purpose, is entirely up to us.  We have to want to discover our purpose. We have to want to do whatever it takes to fulfil our God-given calling.  Cherishing a dream is not the same as actually pursuing it!

For years I spoke to others and said I wanted to be a writer. Years. But I only spoke about it, read how-to books on it and cherished the desire in my heart.  Did that make me a writer? No! Absolutely not. After all, a writer writes! Apart from the odd poem here, an article there or some bible teaching notes at irregular intervals, I did not write at all. It was only when I began to write regularly and practically apply my knowledge that I started to feel I had earned the right and could say to myself with confidence – I am a writer!

Do you want to be a purpose-driven achiever? Then you need to seek God’s face, learn his ways and apply His Word to your circumstances. You need to pay heed to James’ exhortation and be a doer of God’s Wordnot just a hearer (James 1:22).

Let’s consider two biblical examples of people who discovered and fulfilled their God-given purpose.

Although Moses was brought up in Pharaoh’s palace, there was a burning desire in his heart to see his people (the Children of Israel) delivered from enslavement to the Egyptians. I believe he was being driven by God’s ordained purpose for his life. Somehow, whether it was an instinctive knowing, or the Lord had revealed this to him, Moses realised he was not called to sit back and enjoy the pleasures of Pharaoh’s palace  but to deliver the Children of Israel from bondage (Hebrews 11:24-26).  Unfortunately, he took matters into his own hands and murdered someone.

Joseph knew he was destined for higher things. He dreamed of prestige and prominence and was confident his future held much more for him than his family’s mundane life as a shepherd.  However, the coat of many colours he wore and his God-given dreams and vision, made him feel and act superior.

The above examples illustrate how wrong actions and attitudes can get in the way of us fulfilling our purpose. God then needs to bring us through a process to humble and purify our hearts. Moses, forced to flee for his life, spent decades in the wilderness looking after sheep.  Joseph, sold by his jealous brothers as a slave to merchants, was falsely accused of attempted rape and left to languish in jail.

God’s process of humbling and honing our characters, reminds us in no uncertain terms that He is in control. It hammers home the fact that our Father looks not for ability but for availability. It underlines the truth that he uses those with a servant heart, those whose lives bear the hallmark of  humility. God wants us to recognise that our success, or our accomplishments within the context of his divine purpose for our lives will not happen by self-effort, personal might, or willpower but by his Holy Spirit (Zechariah 4:6).

Do you have an inkling of what your God-given purpose may be? If you do, are you working consistently towards that purpose? If you are not yet aware of what it is God has called and gifted you to do, are you willing to seek Him until he reveals what that pre-ordained calling is?

Dear reader be assured of this: God has both purposed and empowered you to be a dream-achiever.



3 thoughts on “Discovering Your Purpose

  1. Yes! Oh I agree with this so much.

    I felt the same way about writing. As a child I spend so much time day dreaming and coming up with stories, but I didn’t really write much down. It wasn’t until later, as an adult, I started to seriously write. Even if it was bad or I wasn’t feeling it, just write.

    I’ve had some people say because nothing of mine has been published, I’m not really an write yet. This kinda of annoys me, a baker is someone who bakes, a writer is someone who writes!

    But I just love this. I hope it empowers someone and gives them the push they need toward their dream =)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ames, thank you for taking the time to comment which is so appreciated. As far as I am concerned a writer writes! An author is published. I’m glad you enjoyed this post and likewise hope it encourages someone to pursue and accomplish their dream.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can agree with that. A write is someone who writes, plain and simple.

        Liked by 1 person

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