Who I am and why I’m here


Ever since I can remember, I have loved reading.   As the eldest in a family of 7 children, books allowed me to escape into a world I thought was better, more exciting  than my own.

I also suffered from chronic insomnia – quite why that should be so at such a young age (around 11-15yrs), I have no idea.  Stories therefore helped me to cope with the long hours of sleepless nights, the frightening dark which cast sinister shadows upon my walls, the eerie creaking of our house, which came alive at night, stretching and spreading its fear-inducing aura throughout my bedroom, feeding my already over-active imagination. And, as if all that were not enough, to top it all, there were the infernal scratching, scuttling noises made by mice, who apparently suffered from insomnia too!

As a book lover, voracious reader and incorrigible word addict, it is not surprising  I developed a real love of words and that as time went by, I would seek to express this love through my own writing. Decades later, I grasped an opportunity to study a degree course at university as a mature student. My subject? English literature of course!  I was in seventh heaven.  I could eat, sleep and of course, read books to my heart’s delight.

This blog has come about as a result of a best-selling publication: The Purpose Driven Life, written by Rick Warren. It has stirred up a desire within me to discover and fulfil my God-given destiny. It has stirred up a passion to live a faith-infused, God-glorifying and productive life – a life that inspires others (particularly women) to maximise their potential, a life that touches those within my circle of influence with the fragrance of Christ. 

This blog then serves to combine my commitment to God and desire to pursue a purpose-driven life, with my long-held aspiration of becoming a prolific, published writer.

With regard to my writing aspirations, I’ve wasted enough time and procrastinated for more years than I care to remember. The following quote discovered recently, acts as another spur: “opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor”.

So, without further ado, I’ve decided to vacate my position as a sad, dissatisfied wallflower who sits at the sidelines of life pretending not to mind that I’m constantly being shunned or passed over whilst I wait in vain, secretly hoping success will single me out and waltz me into the world of my dreams.

I‘m joining the realm of go-getters and opportunity seekers. I’m joining the throng of thriving, jiving participants on the-world-is-my-oyster stage.   Do you wanna join me?

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8 thoughts on “Who I am and why I’m here

  1. Oh, I’m on board! Great post, honest and we’re like-minded!

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    1. Welcome aboard @Debbie L – and thank you for the feedback.

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  2. What a powerful post. I am with you too. The purpose driven life is such a gift. It enthuses and exhilarates in a way that we can only discover by leading it. If we are fortunate enough to discover our purpose, uncover our purpose, then I don’t think we can ever really deny it again. I wrote a post on ACT and Discovering our Purpose. I think you would enjoy it. We seem to be like minded and I look forward to sharing our journey.

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  3. Thank you dear Corinne for stopping by and for your complimentary comment. It is most appreciated.I will have to pop back to yours at some stage to read your post on “Discovering our Purpose”. Wonderful to know you are also on board. I look forward to sharing my journey with all those who are on the same wavelength.
    Bless you. Wishing you a productive and victorious day. 😃


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